Ted Cruz calls out “lunatic left” for saying it’s a privilege to not have your house looted


The left has become an insatiable beast and no matter how far left people go, it’s not far left enough. Senator Cruz pointed that out today on Twitter. “The lunatic left now says its a sign of ‘privilege’ not to want your home broken into. He linked to a video of a CNN interview with Minneapolis Councilor Lisa Bender.

Watch Ms. Bender:

People will literally die with no protection. Envision bands of thugs ruling the city.

DC Examiner’s Drew Holden said, “Minneapolis already had a violent crime rate triple the national average.” Cruz responded, “Tragically, this will cost many more lives.”

Buck Sexton writes, “I grew up in an unsafe NYC with over 2000 murders a year. Last year it was around 300. Policing rescued this city. NYPD has saved, statistically, thousands of lives over the last two decades.”

So true.

And here is a tweet from very left-wing Shaun King. What he says is true.

No one wants to ignore any police brutality, however, generalizing and stereotyping is insane. Blaming police for riots by vicious people is insane. Eliminating police is insane.

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