Terrifying! Mitt Romney Wants You to Be Prepared for Nuclear War


Mitt Romney wants you to know you should prepare for nuclear war if the Ukraine war comes to it. Senator Romney, a failed presidential candidate, wrote an op-ed for The New York Times titled, We Must Prepare for Putin’s Worst Weapons.

Any normal person will find it terrifying. In the piece, he explains that Russian President Putin has threatened nuclear war as a last resort and our CIA has noted that it’s a real possibility. His solution isn’t to strive for peace and encourage Ukraine to look for a solution. Instead, he chooses the worst possible option – preparing for the mushroom clouds.


Romney says “NATO could engage” in Ukraine, “potentially obliterating Russia’s struggling military” if Putin used nuclear weapons.

Romney doesn’t bother to look for ways the United States and allies could discourage Russia from going nuclear. He won’t stop the constant flow of arms, intelligence, and cash to Ukraine to encourage Ukrainian President Zelensky to negotiate. Zelensky’s now insisting on getting Crimea back and that just isn’t going to happen.

He actually writes that seeking a negotiated settlement “would be like paying the cannibal to eat us last.” The proper course for the United States, therefore, is to do its utmost to help Ukraine “win,” even if pursuing that course leads “a cornered or delusional” Putin to cross the nuclear threshold.

Romney hates Putin. In February, he called the Russian president in February a “small, evil, feral-eyed man” trying to shape Russia into an “empire.” He has also called pro-Putin GOP and Democrats “treasonous.” He’s being sued by a former Democrat representative for calling her a traitor.

The radical RINO wants the United States to help Ukraine “win,” even if pursuing that course leads “a cornered or delusional” Putin to cross the nuclear threshold.

So, it’s much worse than putting Ukraine’s borders and their people ahead of the United States, he’s willing to put Ukraine ahead of the safety of the entire world.

The wannabe president is a madman. Who gave him the right to risk the lives of people throughout the world for a country halfway around the world.

Romney doesn’t really think Russia will use nukes, but if he does, the US allegedly has “a wide range of options available.”

Enjoy those mushroom clouds and prepare those bunkers.

Zelenskyy agrees that we should not fear nuclear war. He’s awful too.


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