Texas Energy Companies Control Thermostats with Some Plans


Texas energy companies can control thermostats in homes depending on the plan they chose. As the weather heated up, people noticed their thermostats changing on their own.

TXU Energy confirmed to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that its “Demand Response Program” can remotely change customers’ thermostats “by a few degrees for a short time, normally less than an hour” when the power grid is under stress, like on Wednesday.

Tens of thousands of Texans chose the plan. Some probably didn’t understand what they were signing up for – always read the fine print.

In June, The Verge reported that CenterPoint Energy in Houston also has certain remotely-controlled thermostat programs through EnergyHub.

In Texas, the programs are in the form of EnergyHub’s rewards program known as “Smart Savers Texas.”

The customers opt in to this program and are connected to the Internet via NEST.

Consumer Reports says you can save money with a program like this.

With Con Edison’s BYOT program, for example, you get a one-time sign-up bonus of $135: $85 for enrolling your thermostat and a $50 energy-efficiency rebate. The company says that 25,000 of its customers have enrolled a total of 34,000 thermostats.

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