The Biden-Harris Administration Is the Face of the Successful Junta


Every perceived failure by the Biden-Harris-Cabal Administration is actually another carefully thought-through success, brilliantly executed, with the intention of deliberately destroying this nation and replacing it with a Totalitarianism worse than any we have seen before in history. This time it includes a surrender to our enemies and would-be global masters.

If our economy crashes, so much the better. That will lead to another communistic economy with Democrat central power in control, a power also subservient to global Marxists under the new religion of climate and Mother Earth.

Every appointee is radical and hates this country. The latest Communist chosen is Saule Omarova who, if approved to run currency, would be in charge of all federally licensed banks, credit unions, and foreign banks operating in the United States and similar institutions.

She has already said she wants all of our banks under one central bank, the Federal Reserve. Say goodbye to your privacy and your money under such an arrangement. Omarova, a Moscow-trained, Soviet-style communist, also wants to destroy all fossil fuels.

“In order to prevent climate change, we have to bankrupt all the coal, oil, and gas companies,” she has said.

The junta wants gas and oil prices to skyrocket. That is why they want to destroy pipelines, ban investments in fossil fuels, and halt drilling on federal lands that the federal government shouldn’t control in the first place.

San Francisco is under the leadership of communists who want all of us peasants to live as one. That is why luxury condos overlook squalor by San Francisco Bay. So what if it is dangerous for people to walk around, it’s the ideology that matters.

As China expert Gordon Chang has said, “We can’t survive as a nation with half the country unwilling to defend it.”

Open borders are obviously planned. They won’t do a thing about it and do not care about the multitudes of women and children who are raped and sex trafficked in this country. These are our replacements – criminals and the malleable poor.

Destroying our image overseas with the help of a purposely horrendous withdrawal from Afghanistan is on purpose. None of those generals and whoever runs Biden are stupid or poorly educated. They knew what would happen. They saw what the Taliban were doing to rush the Capitol and did nothing.

As Barack Obama once said — as he apologized for us throughout the world– We are not exceptional. We are a cog in the wheel.

Every agency of government and even our medical community has been politicized. Politicization is a synonym for corruption. We have unconstitutional mandates destroying our liberties and half the country thinks they are needed for a virus that is dangerous mostly to the elderly and sickly, no one else except in rare circumstances. They have divided Americans between vaccinated and unvaccinated. It’s caused more hate, and that is what they want.

There is a new terrorism bulletin warning of terrorist conservatives with no mention of the violent communists of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They’ve added school board meetings as a site terrorists invade, meaning angry parents who dare question CRT and 1619.

The government pushes an ant-American, anti-white ideology in our schools, government, businesses and it’s meant to divide and engender hate. As we bring in ‘people of color’ and teach them whites are evil, how do you think that will end up?

The Biden-Harris-cabal administration is successful, very successful indeed.

They are using the white supremacist lie to divide Americans and keep the hate going.


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