The Changing Meaning of the Word ‘Vaccine’


If you remember, we recently reported that the CDC changed the definition of ‘vaccine’? They changed it to meet the mandates, which is just wrong. As it happens, it’s even more involved than that.

The definition of ‘Vaccine’ never included mRNA therapy or technology.


Miraculously, the seers in our medical bureaucracy knew enough to change the definition right before the Chinese Communist Party Virus from Wuhan hit the US.

That was just before “Operation Warp Speed” in 2019. At that time, the United States Congress quietly redefined the word “vaccine” to include the drug injections that were to come.

They had amazing foresight. The government has little or no foresight about anything else and doesn’t even react to emergencies, but they did with this vaccine.

In addition, the World Economic Forum enacted pandemic responses that closely resembled the Wuhan Virus pandemic.


Immediately before 2020, the federal government signed a contract with Moderna that specifically referred to the company’s soon-to-be jab as an “mRNA coronavirus vaccine. ” It was owned by the federal government and Moderna.

At the same time, Congress changed the definition of “biological product” in federal laws that pertain to vaccine labeling, emergency use authorization (EUA), and approval. Now, the federal government considers vaccines as “biological products,” which was not the case prior to that.

The definition probably would not have allowed the COV drugs to be labeled as vaccines.

The vaccinators needed the technology labeled in such a way as to allow mandates. It is a much easier sell if they are labeled as vaccines.

The vaccine is acting more like a flu shot. It lasts for a season and doesn’t change with the variants. Viruses do what they do — they mutate. While the hope was that the original vaccine would cover variants, it does not appear to do so. As for catching and spreading COV, it doesn’t matter if you are vaccinated or not. The only advantage might be that it improves the severity of the illness. Currently, more vaccinated people are showing up in hospitals than unvaccinated.


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