The Convenient Death of a Boeing Whistleblower


John Barnett is the 62-year-old Boeing whistleblower found dead in his truck after failing to show up for a legal interview linked to a case against Boeing. He was winning in the Boeing case, in good spirits, and finally had his concerns about Boeing heard, and then he killed himself as he was minutes from completing his last legal interview. It was a convenient death from Boeing’s perspective.

Barnett worked for Boeing for 32 years and retired in 2017.

After retiring, Barnett spoke about how Boeing was cutting corners on their airplanes. He was finally getting to tell his story.

Barnett accused Boeing of “deliberately fitting sub-standard parts” on their aircraft. He also accused Boeing of having faulty oxygen systems, saying one in four breathing masks would not work in an emergency situation.

Barnett said new plane builds were rushed. When he raised his concerns, the company allegedly ignored them.

When he died, Barnett was in Charleston for interviews linked to the Boeing case. He was supposed to return for more questioning on Saturday but did not attend. Inquiries were made to his hotel, where Barnett was found dead in his car in the parking lot.

He was winning and had wanted this for so long; he had only one more interview and killed himself. It’s strange.

Mr. Barnett:

There is new information on the late Mr. Barnett in the clip below. He didn’t give any indication that he would commit suicide.  The gun was still in his hand when he was found with a suicide note beside him. The note’s contents were not revealed; it would likely reveal the motive if he had written it.

His attorneys, Robert Turkewitz and Brian Knowles, don’t believe it. They said Barnett was finally getting what he wanted.

Family members said he had PTSD from the hostile work environment at Boeing, and it could be related to his anxiety. The lawyers questioned it since he only had one more interview and was getting what he wanted. Why would he do it, then? They said he was in good spirits and he was winning.

Mr. Barnett predicted the door plug issue for years.

Also, Boeing seems to be hiding who installed the door that recently blew off a Boeing 737 mid-air.

The clip was from Ivory Hecker.

A substack called Catitude posted this in an article about the DEI “parasites that will eventually kill the host.” The first example was Boeing.

El Gato at Catitude writes: …and it’s not like seeing this coming was difficult. Woke and DEI are doctrines so damaging and toxic that nothing can survive them. They have eaten media, Facebook, Google, Boeing, and the airlines. They have destroyed food, medicine, education, and civility…”

We shouldn’t ignore the role DEI might play.

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