The Depravity of The World Health Organization


The Brownstone Institute notes that only a few years ago, the WHO cared about human rights, disease, racism, childhood nutrition, and protecting children from enslavement and mutilation. That is no longer true.

“Coercion, exclusion, impoverishment and big business are in, whilst highlighting those other areas are ‘free-dumb’ or some subversive form of denialism,” The Brownstone Institute reports.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and its staff are currently engaged in two overriding priorities that show their depravity. They are pushing the COVAX program to mass-vaccinate most of humanity at an unprecedentedly high cost against a virus to which nearly all potential recipients are already immune.

Also, they are working towards an expansion of their powers to manage infectious disease outbreaks. We already reported on the recent draft of the Pandemic Treaty that they would use to make this happen. You can read the advanced draft yourself on this link. It’s near completion.

The following information comes from Brownstone. It would be good to take a look at the rest of the article and other articles they publish.

About COVAX:
  • Their COVAX slogan, “No one is safe until everyone is safe,” is completely illogical for a vaccination program unless it is purely transmission-blocking, as it implies that those already vaccinated are not protected.
  • The current vaccines against COVID-19 do not halt or greatly slow transmission and require boosters to maintain efficacy against severe disease.
  • Covid-19 is associated very strongly with old age, with mortality risk being several thousand-fold greater than in the young. Yet, more than half the people in sub-Saharan Africa – a major target of COVAX, are 19 years old or younger.
  • Most people in sub-Saharan Africa and India (so probably everywhere) now have post-infection immunity, which is equal to or more effective than vaccine-induced immunity, and not significantly enhanced by subsequent vaccination.
  • Vaccinating people in low- and middle-income countries with two doses for a rapidly-waning benefit would cost several times more than any other infectious disease program (up to 10 times the total spend on malaria).
  • The human resources devoted to the largest vaccination program ever undertaken would further reduce healthcare access for other diseases whose burdens are currently increasing.

About lockdowns:

  • Health is, by the WHO’s own definition, a state of ‘physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease and infirmity,’ meaning that harming mental and social health is a negative for overall health.
  • The WHO noted that border closures, prolonged school closures, and quarantining of healthy people would be likely to do more harm than good in their 2019 pandemic influenza guidelines.
  • It is standard public health knowledge that poorer people tend to die younger, and poorer countries have higher infant mortality and reduced overall life expectancy.
  • The ‘lockdown’ response to Covid-19, a disease with severity predominantly confined to old age, killed hundreds of thousandsof children and will continue to do so due to increasing povertymalnutrition, and rising teenage pregnancy.
  • The lockdown response also:
  • Is driving millions of girls into child marriage (which many in the humanitarian community would previously have characterized as institutionalized rape).
  • It is increasing child labor.
  • Interrupted over a billion children’s schooling, leaving millions never to
  • Reduced routine childhood vaccination to diseases that do heavily impact children.
  • Reduced case-finding and treatment access for tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, leaving more infected people in the community untreated to transmit to others and die.
  • Greatly increased inequality between a rich controlling few and a rapidly expanding disempowered poor, reversing years of poverty reduction.
Increase in deaths

The International Finance Facility considers that twice as many children died from lockdowns as died from Covid-19, while the Bank of International Settlements, the key to international finance, recognizes that gross domestic product is a major determinant of long-term health.

It’s common knowledge that most people dying from COVID are vaccinated. These people won’t seriously look into that, and they wonder why people think they’re trying to kill us. There is also the issue of excess mortality worldwide that coincides with the increase in vaccinations.

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