The Epoch Times Timeline’ of VP Pence’s ‘betrayal’ over 1-6


The Epoch Times published a timeline of then-vice president Pence’s actions before and after the January 6th riot and rally. They characterize is as Pence’s betrayal.

On December 22, 2020, Vice President Pence told the Turning Point USA audience in West Palm Beach he would see to it that every legal vote was counted.

A few weeks later on January 3rd, Pence told a Republican audience in Georgia that he stands with Donald Trump. He said he would use his position as president of the Senate to review the 2020 election.

Two days later, President Trump said the Vice President has the power “to reject fraudulently chosen electors.” That afternoon the NY Times said Pence told Trump he did not have the power to change the election results.

That evening, after the Times story was published, Trump claimed Pence had never said that. Instead, Trump said he and Pence were in total agreement that the VP has the power to block an illegal election. Trump said Pence had several options including decertifying the results or sending them back to the states.

He could also decertify and send them back to the House of Representatives.

Pence never refuted anything the President said.


Trump began his speech to a huge crowd at noon. Before he ended his speech, at 12:37, some people left early and made their way down to the Capitol.

A pipe bomb was found in Republican headquarters at 12:45. At 12:53, before the President finished his speech, Pence released a statement saying he lacked the authority to reject electoral votes.

At 12:57, several people jump the fence on 1st Street. A minute later, the group broke through the minimal fencing near the Peace monument. At 1:01, the first police line breaks. At 1:02, the low fencing at the capitol was breached. At 1:03, riot police arrive.

Pence’s statement said in part, “I do not believe that the Founders of our country intended to invest the Vice President with unilateral authority to decide which electoral votes should be counted during the Joint Session fo Congress, and no Vice President in American history has ever asserted such authority.

The timing of this statement is very curious.

The statement was released at 12:53, minutes before the crowd breached the fencing. Nine minutes later, he sent out the statement more broadly and Trump was still 10 minutes from completing his speech.

At 1:06, the joint session of Congress was convened. President Trump finished his speech at 1:12. At 1:14, more scuffles broke out. At 1:15, a pipe bomb was found at the Democrat National Committee.

At 2:08, the Capitol was put on lockdown. Between 2:11 and 2:15, more broke in through a broken window, and some entered through a side door.

Another crowd reaches the northern wing, which houses the Senate chamber.

At 2:18, the House calls a recess. At 2:24, Trump said Pence “didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done.”

2:25, shots were fired. It was the moment that Ashli Babbitt was shot. 2:26, the Senate called a recess. 2:28, the crowd entered the southern entrance, attempting to negotiate their entrance into the House chambers.

Shortly after, Trump called for peace.

At 5 pm, people leave the Capitol, and at 5:10, police use tear gas to empty the Capitol’s upper level. 5:40, the National Guard finally arrives. By 6 pm, glass jars believed to be the makings of a bomb were found near the Republican National Committee.

As they were demonized in the media, Pence never said a word in support of Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley who raised constitutional objections to the electoral vote.

Pence sent out a tweet thanking Americans for letting him serve as their vice president. No mention was made of Trump and he didn’t include Trump in any pictures.

Two months later, Pence broke his silence, saying, “I share the concerns of millions of Americans about the integrity of the 2020 election.”

On March 3rd of this year, Pence said, “After an election marked by significant voting irregularities and numerous instances of officials setting aside state election law, I share the concerns of millions of Americans about the integrity of the 2020 election. That’s why when I was serving as presiding officer at the joint session of Congress certifying the Electoral College results. I pledged to ensure that all objections properly raised under the Electoral Count Act would be given a full hearing before Congress and the American people. The tragic events of January 6 — the most significant being the loss of life and violence at our nation’s Capitol — also deprived the American people of a substantive discussion in Congress about election integrity in American.”

Pence is a real politician.

The clip from The Epoch Times then goes into what they believe was a betrayal in the form of General Flynn.

What do you think? Did he betray President Trump?

Watch the clip on this link.

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