The Fight for the Speakership – Kevin McCarthys’ Desperation


According to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Democrat could again become Speaker if the five conservatives holding back their vote for Kevin McCarthy as Speaker don’t relent. She could well be correct. RINOs probably will cross over and elect a Democrat as Speaker. We’ve seen how the establishment frequently chooses Democrats over conservatives.

Democrats are posing as conservatives on Twitter, encouraging the revolt against McCarthy.

McCarthy has character flaws, but is he Mitch McConnell? Read on.

Newt Gingrich Blasted the Holdouts, and Now He’s Labeled a RINO.

“I don’t understand what they’re doing. They’re not voting against Kevin McCarthy; they’re voting against over 215 members of their own conference. Their conference voted overwhelmingly, 85%, for McCarthy to be speaker, so this is a fight between a handful of people and the entire rest of the conference,” Gingrich said.

“They’re saying they have the right to screw up everything,” he continued. “Well, the precedent that sets is…any five people can get up and say, well, I’m now going to screw up the conference too. The choice is Kevin McCarthy or chaos.”

In Desperation, McCarthy offered major concessions to the group ahead of Tuesday’s vote.

His central concession allows any five Republican representatives to force of vote of no confidence in the Speaker. He also vowed to end the practice of proxy voting and virtual participation in hearings, requiring lawmakers to be in Washington to participate in hearings and votes.

Steve Bannon told Newsweek in a phone interview on Saturday: 

that there is “no chance” that Gaetz would be elected House speaker. However, he added the Florida Republican and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican, together will be the “de facto” speakers or “the speaker in fact [but] not in actuality” of the House.

McCarthy, a California Republican, has conceded to reducing the threshold needed to push for a floor vote, known as the motion to vacate, by members to remove a sitting speaker. The House GOP leader hopes that this move will help him gain support from his critics.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus have long been pushing for that concession, which would weaken McCarthy’s standing if he does become speaker, according to Politico.

Bannon said on his show that Rep. Gaetz would become the de facto Speaker, along with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

This is what Bannon wrote on Gettr.

When I think of the hard right, I think of the KKK. These holdouts certainly aren’t that. I would include Nazis in that, but Nazis are more left-wing. They’re socialists.

In any case, the holdouts turned down his offer, and we run the risk of RINOs becoming frightened and conspiring with the Democrats.

On the Other Hand, The Holdouts

Reps. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla.; Andy Biggs, R-Ariz.; Matt Rosendale, R-Mont., and Bob Good, R-Va., have already vowed to oppose McCarthy’s bid. He also faces potential opposition from GOP Reps. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Paul Gosar of Arizona, Chip Roy of Texas, Dan Bishop of North Carolina, Andy Harris of Maryland, and Andrew Clyde of Georgia, along with Rep.-elects Andy Ogles of Tennessee, Anna Paulina Luna of Florida, and Eli Crane of Arizona, among others.

Rep. Gaetz said everyone knows McCarthy is “just a shill for the establishment.”

Andy Biggs explained his reasoning in an opinion piece on American Greatness. An excerpt:

We’re living in a new world. The Left controls every institution. Woke schools. Woke military. Woke corporate board rooms. Woke religious institutions. Over-the-top woke post-secondary education institutions. Bureaucrats in every agency or department at the federal level have gone as far left as they can.

Rightly or wrongly, conservatives and Republicans have been blamed almost as much as the Democrats for this left turn.

Democrats seem not only to have tolerated the radicals in their midst, but they have also embraced them and put them on pedestals. They can be justly rebuked for that.

But, for conservatives, the Republicans are culpable for failing to put the brakes on the Left. Many of my constituents justifiably turned their ire on Republicans. They want us to fight. They want us to use every tool in the toolbox to prevent the further devolution of our constitutional rights.

We are facing an existential reality, but many Republicans don’t see it or don’t care.


Matt Rosendale on Rejecting the Offer:

Members of the House Freedom Caucus presented Kevin McCarthy with proposed rule changes months before the election. The changes needed in Congress go beyond the Motion to Vacate. Serious reforms are required to restore the House to regular order.

Now, it’s disingenuous and not reliable to believe that his proposed changes would ever be implemented. We need a Republican Speaker who will challenge the status quo and ensure that every member has a voice.

Tomorrow, the House will hold multiple rounds of votes until a majority of members agree on a candidate. I’m confident that we will elect a strong, conservative leader to serve as Speaker.

Ralph Norman and Bob Good

Ralph Norman is still a big “no” on Kevin McCarthy.

Bob Good wrote in the Richmond-Times Dispatch that Kevin McCarthy is the wrong choice for Speaker.

Beginning with my 2020 orientation and numerous times since Minority Leader McCarthy promised us that we would use every procedural tool at our disposal to thwart the radical Democrat agenda.

However, that did not happen. Rather, we got rolled by the majority, and the American people suffered under the most extreme leftist policies ever enacted. He never marshaled Republican members to defeat Democrat legislation passed as so-called “suspension” bills.

He failed to use the leverage of the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act to stop Biden policies that are weakening our military.

He did not whip votes against the phony infrastructure bill, which focused more on climate change than roads and bridges. During his audition to become speaker, he ignored conservative pleas to vacate the chair when Nancy Pelosi was at her weakest moments with the progressive caucus and the “Squad” threatening her from her most extreme left flank.

Time and again, McCarthy fought efforts to use our rare minority leverage to fight for the things we promised to Republican voters.

His repeated mantra when conservatives urged him to fight the Democrat agenda was “we have a plan.” But no plan materialized over the past two years. In fact, his plan was to invest precious resources into defeating conservatives in primaries which could have been used to win more elections in November.

There you have it.

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