The Great GOP Betrayal


On November 30, 80 House Republicans voted for a bill that would spend $400 million of taxpayer money to fund the creation of a federal vaccination database.

The bill forces health care providers to share vaccination status information with the federal government.

It will be easily weaponized in the hands of Democrats. Republicans know what Democrats are like but did it anyway. Perhaps they are clueless, or perhaps we are dealing with a uniparty.

The authoritarian Democrats have abused the Covid19 pandemic by using it as an excuse to take away the rights of Americans. They are taking our jobs, our right to travel, and our freedom to speak openly.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy needs to be horsewhipped.

No sooner did Republicans in the House betray the voters when the Senate did the same thing.

On Thursday, Republicans dropped a threat of a shutdown over the Biden’s vaccine mandates.

The Biden administration is allowing all Afghans who can get here to come for the next several years.

When the bill arrived in the Senate, GOP Senators should have been vehemently opposed to the Afghan Resettlement program. Instead, the bill went through on a 69-to-28 vote in the Senate. Among the 69 who voted for the bill were 19 Republicans.

The bill allots $13.3 billion of taxpayer money to resettle Afghans and the project has no end date.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell led the 19 Benedict Arnolds to side with the Democrats.

We have no one on our side and the country will fall if something doesn’t change soon.

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