The Hezbollah Terrorist Who Planned to Go to NY to Make a Bomb


We know that Hezbollah has camps close to the US border in Mexico and has trained cartels. They hate the US. We have Hezbollah criminal networks in the United States. We also had a Hezbollah terrorist caught by the Border Patrol trying to sneak across Joe Biden’s wide-open border. He said he planned to go to New York and make a bomb.

The New York Post said he is a Lebanese migrant. However, Lebanese terrorist is a more appropriate appellation. He said he wanted to go to New York and make a bomb.

Basel Bassel Ebbadi

His name is Basel Bassel Ebbadi, 22. Border patrol caught him on March 9 near El Paso, Texas. While in custody, he asked what he was doing in the US, to which he replied: “I’m going to try to make a bomb,” according to a Border Patrol document exclusively obtained by The Post.

In a subsequent sworn interview, Ebbadi said he had trained with Hezbollah for seven years and served as an active member guarding weapons locations for another four years, according to internal ICE documents.

Ebbadi’s training focused on “jihad” and killing people “that was not Muslim,” he said.

Oddly, Ebbadi said he was fleeing Lebanon because he “didn’t want to kill people,” adding, “Once you’re in, you can never get out.”

He has been using fake names and birthdays.

He said he had originally hoped to go to New York and then move around the country. Ebbadi will be deported somewhere. It better be to some place he can’t travel from to the US.

CBP caught 172 people on the watchlist in FY2022, up from 98 the year before. So far this year, they’ve seen 59.

We know of nearly two million who came in without reporting to anyone. CBP was lucky to catch this odd person, and luckier still that he honestly said he wanted to blow up New Yorkers.

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