The Problem with Digital ID & CBDCs – No Freedom Ever Again


The problem of Digital ID and CBDC’s is the end of freedom forever. This is a totalitarian movement, and it could even be tied to their depopulation goals.

The EU parliament agreed to introduce digital IDs and the pro-censorship chief Theirry Breton suggested integrating it with soon-to-be CBDCs.

We’re well on our way to losing control over our money. The Euro leftists are leading the way.

The EU Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton suggests integrating with CBDCs. The digital ID is called the ID European Digital Identity regulation. That was last November.

Ironically, they claim this totalitarian approach “protects democratic rights and values.” [In no way does it do that. It does the opposite.]

Breton said that now that there is a “digital ID wallet,” we have to put something in it. Breton’s comments suggest linking eIDs and future CBDCs.

The new eIDAs “radically expand the ability of governments to surveil both their own citizens and residents across the EU by providing them with the technical means to intercept encrypted web traffic, as well as undermining the existence oversight mechanisms relied on by European citizens.”

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