by Gennady Shkliarevsky

Texas has initiated a lawsuit that brings concerns about the election for consideration by the Supreme Court.  Eighteen states—not an insignificant number—have decided to support this suit.  Twenty-six states oppose the suit; they feel that the concerns are unfounded and should be dismissed by the Supreme Court.

Those who oppose the lawsuit are either misguided or irresponsible.  The concerns are real.  Indeed a large segment of the American public feels that the election involved fraud.  One may agree or disagree with these facts but they certainly cannot be dismissed offhand and must be considered.  The reason is not only legal but also political.

In this case, the involvement by the Supreme Court is a must because the consequences of the refusal will be dire.  The recourse to the Supreme Court represents the effort to stick to the rule of law.  The refusal to consider the complaints will open the path to violence and that’s the main reason why the Supreme Court must get involved.

Those who oppose the lawsuit are acting foolishly and irresponsibly.  What is their plan B in case the Supreme Court agrees with them and refuses to consider the concerns listed in the lawsuit?  If they believe that the problem will simply go away, they are stupid.  They do not understand the current political situation and the level of discontent in the country.  What are they prepared to do if the problem will not go away, which is a very real possibility?  Are they prepared to use force?  What do they have at their disposal?  The army may very well refuse to suppress the American people.  The police is demoralized and effectively rendered impotent.  At the same time, those who insist that the election was fraudulent have weapons.  If force is used against them, they are likely to resist force too.

This is the conundrum we face.  The only path that has a chance for a peaceful solution is for the Supreme Court to address the concerns that the lawsuit brings to it.  This is the only way to preserve the rule of law and avoid a continued confrontation that may grow into a full-fledged armed conflict.  Those who oppose this path show their true colors.  No matter what their subjective motivations are in opposing the lawsuit, these motivations have nothing to do with the interests of this country and its people; they have nothing to do with the real political situation in America.  Either these motivations have roots in partisanship or in the vague and totally misguided expectations that the current situation will simply calm down by itself.  The opponents of the lawsuit are either treasonous or irresponsible or both.


Dr .Gennady Shkliarevskyif Professor Emeritus at Bard College, New York.



  1. As you can see,the Democrats are trying so hard to push everything forward and turn the so-called election results into a fait accompli,an established fact,and I’m afraid even if the Supreme Court is willing to hear the case,the Justices might still think overturning the results is too big a decision to make even if that means being unfair. They might not be willing to take such drastic actions. However,If hundreds of thousands of Patriots could gather and march peacefully in DC before the US Supreme Court,the psychological pressure will be on the other side .Then it will become too big a decision to make not to rule the case fairly and overturn the election results.So do you think there is any way we can help this happen ?Maybe you can use your influences to help advocate the need for such an event to take place,or maybe you can share this idea with people who are able to organize such events. Thank you.

    • If he U.S. Supreme Court does not hear this case based upon the facts, then this country as a Democratic Republic will cease to exist. These people are more dangerous than the Nazis were druing WWII & before and the Communists were since they took over China & Russia

    • It’s far beyond this issue. This government, is a 100% Corrupt NWO-Cabal-Controlled Inverted-Totalitarian Police-State. Has been since it’s inception, but has gotten more and more oppressive, impoverishing and murdering increasingly as time marches on. This government is the tool a global cabal uses to enforce it’s tyranny onto mankind globally. The only action that possibly can have any positive action concerning this government by the people is for at least 3-5% of the population to eradicate it primarily by guerilla warfare.

      • Bull. i beg to differ Sir, Sure the socialist left has eroded faith in our country and has outright stolen a very important election. But we can fix it. at this time there is no need for unhinged rhetoric encouraging violence of any kind. you seem to forget the many American citizens that could suffer during a conflict by not getting their medication, food and fuel not to mention access to the country’s power grid. their are infants in ICU’s elderly in retirement homes. etc. Sure we have some gold-diggers and traitors in our government the swamp does run deep but nothing we can’t handle. I hope you and your family are marching in tomorrow’s rally for Trump in DC. Good luck and stay safe.

      • I agree with much in your analysis but I do not entirely agree with you recommendation. We should not eschew politics. It is a very powerful instrument. We just have to learn to use it better.

  2. The states that oppose the lawsuit, also need to be investigated . They’re opposing because they know the shenanigans have done the evil’s work with their election and they’ll hang for treason.
    Or fire squad, it’s equally great result for the freedom of Americans.
    I would propose the rope and be televised.

    • As I have written in this piece, they are either traitors or totally irresponsible. If there is a hot civil war, they will lose.

  3. Were those 26 states opposing the lawsuit or just choosing not to participate? Big difference. And the why could be the desire not to have anarchists destroy their cities. And intimidation is how communists win.

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