The UN’s Digital First Responders Are Coming for Us


The greatest danger to mankind is the ideological storm sweeping the world. The storm was created by wealthy authoritarians – globalists. One of their tools is in the form of digital first responders. What began with 110,000 censors is now reportedly in the millions.

Lest we forget the 2020 UN effort to censor speech worldwide, now is the time to remind everyone because the UN and its globalist partners are currently looking to implement a global power grab. It will destroy the United States if they are successful. The Biden administration backs it.

The United Nations website revealed in 2020 that they have an army of “do-gooders” who serve as “digital first responders” worldwide without pay. They were organized during the pandemic and still exist.

The globalist tentacles are closing in with the cooperation and full-throated enthusiasm of the Democrat Party and their figurehead Joe Biden.  The elimination of free speech and opposing opinions is one of their unspoken goals.

UN headquarters, Geneva, Wikimedia Commons

During the pandemic in May 2020, the UN launched its “digital first responders” worldwide. They had about 110,000 of these responders at that time. Can you imagine that number has only grown exponentially since then? Reportedly, it’s in the millions.

The information first leaked out during a podcast in October 2020. The head of global communications for the United Nations, Melissa Fleming, said its purpose would be to detect and neutralize misinformation and fake news on social media quickly by countering it with so-called accurate, reliable information.

This Marxist behemoth gets to decide what is accurate.

“So far, we’ve recruited 110,000 information volunteers, and we equip these information volunteers with the kind of knowledge about how misinformation spreads and ask them to serve as kind of ‘digital first responders’ in those spaces where misinformation travels,” Fleming stated.

Melissa Flemming explains: “We meet with the social media platforms regularly. They have made some significant policy changes. They have been pointing people to the direction of good content – to WHO content, to UN content, CDC content – when they are in that space of searching, and they are trying to suppress misinformation in various ways.

“Some of it is ‘flagging,’ some of it is putting it way down in their algorithms, some of it is even banning certain groups. But still, despite these measures, we’re seeing a huge prevalence of misinformation traveling on social media channels. So we do think there’s much more they are gonna need to do to really spot it in real-time and to suppress it. …”

They defeat the virus by hiding opposing opinions. The globalist noose is tightening. they’ll be working overtime during the big power grab announced by the UN.

The UN campaign also states that digital first responders use their voices for good but the UN doesn’t disclose who is working for them.

They wouldn’t dare say who’s working for them because people could hold them accountable. People would know what they’re up to. Painted as some do-gooders works as long as we don’t know who they are. If the past is prologue, their goal is to marginalize, demoralize, criticize, condemn, ridicule, and dehumanize any critics.

“But the greatest danger to humanity is not a virus, nor climate, nor even poverty. The greatest danger to humanity lies in ideological blindness and fanaticism. Man ceases to be human when he becomes so convinced of his own ideas that he wants to forbid those of the other,” writes Mattias Desmet.

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