A Dangerous Bill And a Brilliant Speech Addressing It


Exploiting the mass killing of 10 innocent Americans in Buffalo, the House radicals – Democrats – passed H.R.350 – Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2022. Speaker Pelosi has called for it. [Speech at the end]

It’s unnecessary since we already have domestic terrorism laws, but this bill is aimed at anyone who defies them.

The bill authorizes dedicated domestic terrorism offices within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The purpose of the offices is to analyze and monitor domestic terrorist activity. It allows spying on Americans. The bill also requires the Federal Government to take steps to prevent domestic terrorism. It’s broadly defined and can mean almost anything.


The agency that created the Disinformation Governance Board and anointed the third liar to head it up, wants offices all over the country. This is the agency that has opened our borders to criminals, deadbeats, and terrorists.

These are the agencies that investigated innocent parents complaining about masks and CRT instruction.

Also, the DOJ/FBI took a phony Russiagate conspiracy and used it to overturn a presidency.

The bill allows the Attorney General to assign a special agent or hate crimes liaison to each field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate hate crimes incidents with a nexus to domestic terrorism.”


“This is as the term [domestic terrorism] is defined in section 2 of the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2020,” the bill reads.

The act of 2020 defines domestic terrorism as white supremacy. The FBI conjured up a threat of white supremacy that does not exist in any large measure. They did it to go after the white majority who don’t agree with them.

Biden said in his speech in Buffalo that white supremacy runs dangerously through our body politic. In other words, he is tying white supremacy to all Republicans, Libertarians, Constitutional Conservatives, many liberals, and Conservatives. The bill and the offices it creates are tools to weaponize the agencies against political enemies. Let’s not forget that the last FBI chief (Jim Comey) admitted he was once a member of the communist party. The former CIA chief John Brennan) voted for a communist. How many communists did they hire in these agencies? Just wondering.

Vague Hate

This bill also enshrines a vague definition of hate crimes as domestic terrorism into law. It includes speech.


It won’t address insane people like Payton Gendron from killing people. The bill is tying domestic terrorism to disagreeable political views. It will allow government officials to spy on and attack political enemies. In the hands of these far-left partisans — who wrongly call themselves Democrats –it will become a weapon against Republicans. They want a one-party system and Republicans must go.

If you doubt this, take another look at the Disinformation Governance Board. The Board goes after our speech and will likely compel certain speech such as pronoun-speak.

Since not using compelled speech — absurd pronoun speak is a hate crime to some — expect that to become an issue. It will especially be a problem in government jobs, including the military. Pronouns are about control in the gender wars, not respect for people suffering from gender dysphoria. They want to destroy the concept of gender.

Additionally, Critical Race Theory and 1619 are now taught in schools PK – college. They are likely protected under this bill. The ideologically Marxist instruction is anti-American and anti-white. If you complain about any of it at a board meeting, the FBI opens a file on you.

This new version of the bill passed the House because the party in charge is an extreme, party seeking total power over Americans.


Rep. Gaetz masterfully outlines the serious problems with the bill.

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