The West’s Financial System Faces Existential Problems


Russia demanded last week that the EU pay for gas in rubles. Putin announced that Russia will demand “unfriendly” countries pay for natural gas only in Russian currency. He instructed the central bank to work out a procedure for buyers to acquire rubles in Russia.

The demand sent high gas prices soaring.


The Group of Seven major economies agreed Monday to reject Moscow’s demand to pay for Russian natural gas exports in rubles, the AP reports.

The G7 includes France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

“Payment in the ruble is not acceptable, and we will urge the companies affected not to follow (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s demand,” German Energy Minister Robert Habeck said. Note the word “urged”.

If they agree to pay in rubles, strengthening the Russian currency, they will also damage the West’s financial system, perhaps irreparably. Along with it, they lose their dreams of globalization.


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said, “the contracts we know lay down the euro as a payment currency and the companies will pay according to the contracts they have signed.”

At the same time, NATO (30 countries) is demanding that Russia be blocked from accepting payments in euros and dollars. NATO includes the G7 nations except for Japan.

Something has to give here. Russia won’t feel they have to stick with their contracts.


Is it possible that the G7 energy ministers finally accept that trading in rubles will structurally undermine the G7 unilateral hold on global finance and energy policy? What happens to their Great Reset then? Perhaps they will cave on those particular sanctions.

Forcing Russia to not trade in euros and dollars weakens SWIFT and their financial hold on the world market. It will also weaken the West’s glorious dreams of a Great Reset globally.

As it is, the West is losing India, China, possibly Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and others, at least temporarily, to the ruble and the new Asian replacement for SWIFT.

This could well be permanent and the Western SWIFT system could find itself a lot poorer and a lot less global.

The EU can’t have it both ways. Russia can now turn off the tap as Donald Trump warned when he tried to kill Nord Stream. The EU relies on Russia for 40% of its gas needs.

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3 months ago

In just over a year, Traitor Joe has put the USD in peril. This was by design. He has done everything he can to destroy the USD. Traitor Joe is a Racist, just look at his voting record. He’s a White Supremacist who hates America and everything it stands for because America has allowed what in his mind are the Inferior Races to Flourish. The Last Straw was President Trump expanding the economy and creating jobs for Black Men. Imagine the anguish of being a Black man’s Vice President. Traitor Joe’s only way into the White House had to be a stolen Election and he is now doing all he can to get back at all the Deplorables who voted for President Trump. Trump Derangement Syndrome will be a documented Mental Disorder in the future.

Mean Boy
Mean Boy
3 months ago

Egalitarian latrines don’t urge or do anything besides serve as rump vassals.
They’ll be the last ones to figure that out.

3 months ago

They must think Putin is not only a ‘monster’ but Stupid as hell. As one person says:

“The G7 wants to “buy” Russian energy with their “own” currencies which leads to foreign exchange reserves which they then intend to confiscate. This is the arrogance and degree of delusion of G7 leadership. If they think they can deal like that with a nuclear superpower it’s time for us to reflect upon what they intend to do with us, the citizens”

The West has already “stolen” Russia’s foreign reserves and Now they essentially want “free gas” and commodities. Experts have said it will take Europe a near decade to be up and running with self-sufficient energy.