The Widow of a Fallen Officer Writes an Incredible Letter to Nike


It seems that Colin Kaepernick thinks he “sacrificed everything” so he could kneel during the Anthem and vilify police officers.

Nike has made him the star of their new ad campaign called, “Just Do It”, because they want to participate in [Marxist] “social change.” They have a good Dump Nike campaign going.

At first, it seemed as if For America’s tweet said it all.

But there is more.


The widow of a fallen police officer wrote the most heartbreaking Facebook post about the family’s loss. The police officer gave his life to serve and protect. This is one excerpt:

What I lost in that moment is indescribable. I had to watch his mother be dealt the most agonizing blow a parent can face, and I couldn’t comfort her because I was in my own hell. I had to find a way to gut my own children in the gentlest way possible and tell them that this man they had come to love, who they looked up to, who cared for them as his own, would never walk through our door again.

I don’t know if you’ve ever attended a police funeral, but watching grown men who’ve seen the absolute worst things a civilian can imagine, break down and sob over the casket of their brother is an image that never leaves you. The bagpipes haunt my dreams to this day, but it was the faces of my children, the innocence that abandoned them at such a tender age that brought me to my knees.

Read the entire letter and you will understand how terrible Nike and the oblivious Mr. Kaepernick are for doing what they are doing.

Dear Nike,

There are many just like Sherry Potter and her children who will never see their loved ones again and it’s all for a false narrative that Nike is now sponsoring.

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