There Is a Reason DC Won’t Fix the Inflationary Issues


Tucker Carlson said on his show last night, “The founder of FedEx, Fred Smith, summed it up this way: “Had we passed the Build Back Better bill that Biden wanted, my guess is that we would be Weimar Germany right now. We’d have 25% inflation rather than 9% or 10%.” Inflation is driven wild government spending. Instead of trying to fix the problem, the people in DC have taken to looting to get votes and maintain power.

The Build Back Better bill was $6 trillion. However, never underestimate Democrats to defy the laws of economics to get what they want. The looting will continue until the carcass is skeletal.

We have proof. The administration now has a $2T mini Build Back Better spending bill they plan to pass with reconciliation. It too will drive up inflation.

We now have the added problem of politicians beating the war drums despite the fact that 75% of American voters polled said they do not want boots on the ground. Ignoring what Americans want, Chris Coons is calling for boots on the ground in Ukraine. That would mean a hot war with Russia. Ukraine President Zelensky is telling the West to “not be afraid” of nuclear war, “be ready” instead.

“Chris Coons is calling for a land war with Russia. That is not a small thing, given that Chris Coons is Joe Biden’s closest ally in the Senate. Chris Coons is an unfailing and faithful spokesman for the administration’s policies, whatever those policies happen to be,” as Tucker Carlson said last night.

Many believe the war is a distraction from a disastrous presidency of a party desperate to stay in power. It will also prove to be expensive in lives and costs.

The costs are untenable in a time of high inflation. It is the highest since 1978. Clothing is up 6.5%. Food up 8.5%. Electricity up 9%. Used cars are up 41% and gasoline’s up nearly $1.50 from a year ago. Milk, flour, sugar, cartons of oil, like frying oil—that’s been insane. Gasoline is up 18.3%.

At the same time that prices are rising, so are taxes – property, state, and federal.  The government will not stop spending to halt the imminent disaster.

Soon, some people will start to go broke and will stop spending.

In an economy driven largely by consumer spending, this is a frightening and dangerous trend. When people stop buying things, the crash comes. The people in DC know this but they aren’t trying to fix it. Instead, they are passing massive spending bills. They’re looting what they can as they once did in ancient Rome before the fall.

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