WI Supreme Court Throws Out Dem Governor’s Redistricting Map


Radical Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is angry today. His redistricting map was shot down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court and it’s likely that there isn’t enough time to appeal prior to the November election.

Evers wanted to put a post-Census congressional map into place. It brutally favored his party and replaced a redistricting map drawn by the state’s GOP legislative majority.

The state high court ruled 4-3 on Friday. This is after the U.S. Supreme Court in March tossed out the map that Evers had drawn, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

“BREAKING: Today’s redistricting decision by #SCOWIS is outrageous. At a time when our democracy is under near-constant attack, the judiciary has abandoned our democracy in our most dire hour. This is an unconscionable miscarriage of justice,” he said in a post containing his full statement.

Evers thinks democracy means heavily favoring Democrats in elections. In the clip, he complains about GOP gerrymandering. This is after he tried to gerrymander.

Meanwhile, Hillary’s attorney Marc Elias is preparing to sue anywhere the GOP has a win.

He tweeted this:

Here is where I am watching for new voting rights and redistricting< litigation. 1. Florida 2. Georgia 3. Pennsylvania 4. Oklahoma 5. New Hampshire 6. Missouri 7. Arizona Follow @DemocracyDocket to be the first to know when new cases are filed.

He sues to keep candidates from taking the seats after they win. Claudia Tenney in upstate New York was a perfect example. He is also behind efforts to keep candidates from running using the 14th Amendment and the January 6 riot (fake ‘insurrection’).

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