There is one good reason Letitia James would go after Andrew Cuomo


The office of far-far left New York Attorney General Letitia James requested Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office preserve all documents that could be relevant to the sexual harassment investigation.

Three women have accused the Democrat of sexual misconduct. The media and far-left Democrats want to Me-Too Cuomo out of office with relatively minor harassment offenses.

If they get him for the truly serious cover-up of nursing home deaths, they’d indict themselves. They helped him cover it up. So, they’re going with sexual harassment.

We are no fans of Andrew Cuomo, but it is a bit concerning that Letitia James is the one who reported the nursing home cover-up and is now pursuing the Me Too complaints. She’s a Democrat going after another Democrat. It’s almost unheard of.

James formally launched the Me Too investigation earlier this week.

The preservation request was made for members of Cuomo’s staff including aides and includes electronic communications as well, a spokesperson for James confirmed to NBC News.

Why would she report a fellow Democrat and why would she pursue him? We can only come up with one answer since we ruled out integrity. She has exhibited zero evidence of integrity.

She wants Cuomo’s job, and she is as far left as one gets. If you think California is bad — as NY governor — she’d make the state of Cali look conservative.


James is trying to abolish the NRA and the Second Amendment. She was out to get Trump and bragged about it. She still is working on it. This far-left woman also wants the community to take over all policing.

James wants to strip the authority over the NYPD from the mayor and appoint an independent community panel to oversee the police and hire the commissioner. The panel would be under the control of the state. That’s probably not an improvement.

She blamed the NYPD for the misbehavior of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter ‘protesters’ in New York City, falsely claiming the police were abusing the [violent] protesters.

There’s more, but you get the idea.

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