Fauci keeps to radical restrictions but not for illegal aliens


Will Dr. Fauci’s message ever change? He appears to want to keep all the restrictions in place until almost every vestige of the coronavirus is gone. That may never happen. In the meantime, people are dying, killing themselves, drugging, losing businesses. Children have lost at least a year of education. Fauci says just be patient.

Fauci originally told us it would only be a couple of weeks of lockdowns. He wanted to simply “flatten the curve.” Now he wants to wait until there’s nothing to open.

He has lied about masks, vaccine-and-herd immunity, and he has reversed himself so many times that he has been given us all whiplash. He might be deliberately working with Democrats to delay any reopening so they can get their hard-left agenda solidly in place, but that’s conjecture.

Perhaps it’s an ego thing.

His motives don’t really matter. What matters is he’s dangerous.

When will he comment on the COV-positive illegal aliens being let into the country? There are thousands, hundreds of thousands coming and many will have COV and other diseases. Apparently, that doesn’t bother Dr. Fauci.

The illegal aliens are getting on buses and traveling throughout the country after they test positive.


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