There were Riots in Portland last night but rioters will not be prosecuted


There was a riot in Portland last night.

There was another riot last night outside the Justice Center which houses the police department. The nutjobs are emboldened since the new Soros-funded prosecutor for Portland made it clear he will not prosecute people guilty of rioting.

Police ordered the roughly 200 ‘protesters,’ the Democrats, to leave the area. The ‘protesters’ didn’t leave. ‘Protesters’ fought among themselves and set off fireworks.

And the riots began

After 10:30 p.m., police said some people in the crowd threw an unknown substance toward the front doors of the police bureau’s Central Precinct. Other people in the group launched commercial-grade fireworks toward the fence surrounding the federal courthouse nearby. They also started a fire outside the building.

Police said they used their sound truck to ask the crowd to stop launching fireworks and starting fires at the courthouse. They said the protesters pointed green lasers at the eyes of the officers inside the truck.

Lasers were used in Portland recently to blind three federal officers.

Police said people continued engaging in criminal behavior and officers declared the situation an unlawful assembly at around 11:30 p.m.

Police told the group to leave the area and anyone who did not comply would be subject to citation, arrest, or the use of crowd control munitions – including tear gas. Despite these announcements, police said most people remained in the street and some started a fire outside the Central Precinct doors. Oregon State Police and Portland Police began dispersing the crowd.

Police said people threw a large explosive and other fireworks toward officers, along with fist-sized rocks, bottles, and cans of paint. One officer’s hand was severely injured. Others received minor injuries, police said. Officers took some people into custody. They declared a riot at around midnight.

Even after the riot was declared, police said the group moved back south toward the Justice Center where they threw eggs and more fireworks toward officers. Police used CS gas and crowd control tactics.

The crowd continued to throw things at police and one person vandalized a police car.

They grew tired

By 2:30 pm, the mob mostly dispersed.

Police arrested two people. Even that is a waste of time. The Soros prosecutor refuses to prosecute crimes like rioting or interfering with the police. George Soros is doing a lot of damage to this country.


Evidence that they are very stupid people:

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