They’re still lying about Breonna Taylor – more evidence


The Attorney General, the corrupt Merrick Garland, will investigate the Louisville Police over the death of Breonna Taylor, who was shot and killed during a shootout with the police and her boyfriend.

It’s unfortunate but she ran across the line of fire while the police shot back at her boyfriend after he fired first.

What isn’t true is that she was an innocent emergency worker about to study nursing.

This is the photo you will see everywhere:

But this is also Breonna, knee-deep in helping her boyfriends’ illicit deals:

We are very sorry Breonna is dead and she shouldn’t be but she put herself in harm’s way and it sure isn’t the fault of the police.

Breonna was not asleep when the police arrived nor was she an innocent little EMT trying to make her life better. Rather she was knee-deep in criminal activity with Jamarcus Glover.

The warrant was specifically for Breonna, her house, and her vehicle. Also, police did NOT conduct a no-knock warrant. They conducted a knock warrant. The city council didn’t need the Breonna Taylor law banning no-knock warrants.

The boyfriend shot first and he admitted in documents that the police knocked. He heard the knocking and admitted it.

Read the documents or watch and click on this video. There is so much evidence on this young woman and her crooked male friends.


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Bill Patterson Jr.
Bill Patterson Jr.
1 year ago

I like your article but Facebook will not let me use the article’s “like” button.