This is rich! Senile Joe wants a ‘virtual convention’


The former vice president and 2020 Democratic frontrunner told ABC’s “This Week” that his party’s convention is “necessary,” but added it may not be possible to bring thousands of people to one location safely amid the pandemic.

“Well, we’re gonna have to do a convention,” Biden said. “We may have to do a virtual convention. I know I think we should be thinking about that right now.”

“What we do between now and then is gonna dictate a lot of that as well,” he added.


If the virus is still bad by August 17, it is a possibility, but you know his real motive is so they can hide his senility or whatever that brain issue is that he obviously has. We know medically, he is in terrible shape.

This would be a big plus in hiding what is going on with this candidate who can’t get through a three-minute monologue in a room in his home with teleprompters and staff holding up signs and speaking into his earpiece. He forgets what he is saying mid-sentence.

We aren’t making fun of the man and are sorry about his issues, but he’s running for President. People need to start dealing with reality.

He thinks we have to be ultra-cautious until there is a vaccine, which is a year away.


He said Sunday that the country needs a vaccine “most of all,” but “in the meantime, we have to take all the efforts we can to make sure we prevent the spread.”

Biden also predicted the U.S. will need “at least two more iterations”  of the virus relief package passed last month.

That last package will be governed by three committees and the Democrats will control every dime, trying to get their socialist agenda into place. This spending on pork is getting insane and if we come out of this with 30 trillion dollars in debt, we could be in serious trouble.

Stimulus never works, has never worked. What works are loans and cash payments, but those are inadequate and these packages are laden with pork.

Capitalism is at stake but that’s fine with Biden who is easily led around by the nose by his hard-left campaign staff.

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