This Is Who the Radicals Are on Our College Campuses


Columbia University canceled their main graduation. The terrorists won. I would rather see them hold the graduation with security.

Taking a close look at Columbia University can give Americans a good idea of what’s happening throughout the country.

While it is true that we are witnessing vile antisemitism, it’s so much more than that. The sooner we recognize the dangers we face, the sooner we can begin to fight. The revolutionary communists are united with Islamists. The odd pairing is dubbed the Red-Green axis. They exploit each other as the communists exploited anarchists to overturn the Russian czar.

Having gone to these things as a spy, I can tell you the Palestinians are at every one of these.

It might seem ironic that some of the leaders of these ‘rallies’ are Jewish, but not when you realize that they’re communists and they’ve abandoned their ethnicity or their religion to spread communism.

So, who are they specifically?

One leader you’ve already heard about is Johanna King-Slutzky, a 30-something with no viable career path other than as a communist activist. She is one of the many leveraging this antisemitic movement to further her radical Marxist beliefs. As usual, the radical left has grabbed onto the latest, most vulnerable group.

King-Slutzky organizes the Columbia Barnard Branch of Jewish Voice for Peace – JVP. The group is funded by George Soros’s charities and the Rockefeller Brothers fund. This gives legitimacy to the anti-Israel movement as a non-antisemitic movement—or at least that’s the pretense. They are both.

Cameron Jones is another name we keep hearing. He is also a leader of the Barnard Branch of Jewish Voice for Peace.

Then you have Maryam Alwan, the leader of Students for Justice in Palestine – SJP. It’s a Hamas-tied group, and it has facilitated nationwide disruptions on college campuses. She’s an Islamist who promotes the Marxist cause.

These people are not antiwar; they are anti-America and anti-Jewish.

Palestine and Israel are the big issues now because it’s an opportunity to spread their form of hatred. We now see how widespread antisemitism is.

I’ve already discussed Lisa Fithian, the organizer of Occupy Wall Street. One of the complaints they had at that occupation was there were no black people. So when an opportunity came up, they started riots over Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Ferguson. Then it’s COVID. It could be anything. Now it’s Jewish people and Israel.

The goal is to disrupt, cause chaos, and destroy.

Lisa Fithian is organizing the Columbia University revolt. She is an old red diaper baby, once associated with Abby Hoffman. Like half of the students on the campus, she is paid to organize.

Professor Lax, the Chair of the Law Department at CUNY, said Middle Eastern radicals cross the border illegally and quickly show up at his campus. Indeed, the NYPD said they arrested the wife of an Islamic terrorist.

Many of the people on the campuses are indeed just useful idiots who love wearing the Keffiyeh and lauding a progressive cause.

Funds come from abroad as well as from deep-pocketed leftists. For instance, Northwestern is partly funded by Qatar, a pro-Hamas government. They worked out a deal with their radicals.

We know China funds many US universities, and they do it to spread their Maoist ideology.

Americans have to start paying attention, or we surely will all sink into communism together.

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