This week, 38.6 million are unemployed, lockdowns no longer justified


Bill O’Reilly tweeted this morning, “The USA must open for business – now. This is a war, and in order to fight that war, we must have a strong economy in motion. Logical restrictions fine. The government can’t keep printing money to send out. I am not insensitive to casualties. But this is not an option anymore.”

This week, there will be 38.6 million unemployed in this country, company after company is going into bankruptcy, and some won’t come back. Children aren’t being educated properly, and opioid deaths are rising during the coronavirus scare, as is domestic abuse, and suicide.


JP Morgan, in their bombshell study, concluded the same thing. They wrote, “In the absence of conclusive data, these lockdowns were justified initially.” But “millions of lives were being destroyed .. with little consideration that [lockdowns] might not only cause economic devastation but potentially more deaths than COVID-19 itself.”

Their study argued “infection rates have declined — not increased — in states where lockdowns have ended, “even after allowing for an appropriate measurement lag.”

“COVID-19 likely have its own dynamics unrelated to often inconsistent lockdown measures that were being implemented,” they stated based on the numbers.


Brit Hume pointed to this from the front page of the Wall Street Journal editorial page:

“Yet unlike with other respiratory viruses, children don’t appear to be large spreaders. Australia’s National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance tracked Covid-19 cases at 15 schools from March 1 to April 16. At the outset, 18 individuals were infected. After six weeks only two of their 863 close contacts at the schools had become infected. There were no cases of students passing the virus to teachers. Studies from China show kids were more likely to pick up the virus from their parents than vice versa. While Taiwan has lower case and fatality rates than Western countries, it did not impose widespread school closures.”


Also of note, while the media rants hysterically, along with the Democrats, is that the disease peaked over a month ago.


Meanwhile, people like Ayanna Pressley are screaming their state is opening too fast and the MSM is hysterically railing about cases allegedly rising. Georgia numbers are going down so the MSM is only looking at small sub-sets and making the story about that. Texas has dramatically increased testing so the media calls it a surge. The media is leading with a story about a fake “spike in positive cases.” Florida opened without increased numbers so ABC’s headline was “As Florida begins to reopen…data shows no significant drop.” (h/t LaCorteNews)

The media and Democrats want this country closed regardless of the damage it causes. They want more socialism, more handouts, especially to blue states, and mail-in voting.


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3 years ago

I’ve come to the conclusion that death tolls in relation to any lockdown orders are misleading. A lockdown will only apply to people that have the capacity to leave the home and socialize. Any numbers that include long-term care facilities are irrelevant. Those persons are in essential permanent lockdown so any rules are inapplicable.

The example of our state has nearly 60% long-term care fatalities. Therefore the “public” death toll is at 40%. When comparing Covid deaths to influenza deaths, Covid stands at one-tenth of the current influenza death rate. This suggests a policy of overkill.

Case statistics without hospitalization rates is meaningless. If there are a number of positive cases without one case of symptoms it is of no consequence. In our state we weren’t using private labs for testing at the outset. Therefore the numbers of cases was limited. Once the private labs were involved there has been a spike in cases. It was this increase that prompted the governor to institute more stringent rules. As a result, instead of Phase 2 we went to Phase 1.5. When asked if the next step would be 1.X, the governor chuckled. She has decided the next phase will be a “modified” Phase 2.0, which is, in fact, a Phase 1.X. This is all done with a death toll of “74” in the general population, the 40%. No matter the state, when Democrats are involved, the policies are asinine.

Broadsword Calling Danny Boy
Broadsword Calling Danny Boy
3 years ago

Don’t be sad Fraulein Birx, Dr. Fraudci, all of the CPUSA city and state health commissioners are doing very well.
Some computer model said that the worst case scenario was certain so we had to destroy the economy for the good of the collective.
The cure is certainly worse.