Thousands of Illegal Crossers Are Being Dropped Off in the Streets


According to the Wall Street Journal, thousands of illegal crossers have been dropped off in San Diego. These unvetted, anonymous people don’t know where they are, and they have no place to sleep.

The buses are driven by the US government. They are dropping the illegals off in communities all along the border.

Local shelters are hitting capacity, including a nearly thousand-bed shelter in San Diego that is typically adequate. But the numbers are increasing significantly.

There are so many that immigration agents are dropping people off on the streets, at bus stops, and in train stations, angering local officials and worrying aid groups.

In San Diego alone, approximately 7800 migrants have been released in the past two weeks. County officials called it a humanitarian crisis.

The people dropped off are almost all single men of fighting age. We don’t need to worry about them so much as ourselves.

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