Tim Cook took Parler down because he decided it wasn’t free speech


If you’ve never really listened to Tim Cook, you might be surprised by his affected speech pattern and unabashed display of hubris. He was characteristically so today on Fox News Sunday.

During an interview with the useless interviewer Chris Wallace, Cook explained why he thought he has the right to shut down Parler.

“We looked at the incitement to violence that was on there, and we, we don’t consider that free speech and incitement to violence has an, has an intersection,” said Cook.

“We don’t consider that free speech,” he said.

Who is he to decide? It’s usually decided at the Supreme Court level. Do we really want Tim Cook to decide what’s free speech and what isn’t?

He is so dishonest. The man just wants to take Parler out of the equation. It’s a competitor and they’re wiping them out.

It’s absolutely ridiculous. The planning for the riot went on mostly on Facebook.

Cook said that Parler is merely “suspended” from the app store and that if they improve moderation they can come back.

Again, who is he to decide? And, how does Parler improve moderation without a website?

Apple and the others are pushing them to add AI which invades privacy. Parler believes in the 14th Amendment.

Wallace didn’t bother to challenge Cook, of course. What else could you expect from these two?


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