Tonight Show Acts As If Biden Is Present As He Rambles Insults


The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon had Joe Biden on only he wasn’t there physically. They acted like he was but there’s no chance he would be there late at night for obvious reasons. He could barely speak and it was a pre-recorded show.

The whole show was very deceptive, and it was worse than that. This was supposed to help Biden’s poll numbers but that didn’t work out.

During the softball interview, which was more of a paid advertisement, Fallon actually said, Biden just had to “keep his head down and keep doing the right thing.” All Biden does is the wrong thing.

“They’re being told that Armageddon’s on the way,” Biden said. “The truth is the economy’s grown more than it has any time in close to 60 years, the unemployment rate is down to 4.2 percent — it’s going to go lower, in my view.”

That is wrong on so many levels. The 4.2% unemployment doesn’t take into account the more than a hundred million who left the workforce and haven’t returned to work yet.

Where’s the evidence inflation’s going down? No economist is saying that. The Build Back Better bill will be a permanent tool for inflation as it sets up a welfare state.

Biden pretended the inflationary BBB bill was a cost of living cut.


Biden, the man who constantly insults Republicans, the police, and the US, complained of the lack of civility in politics, but said there still a lot of bipartisanship, “except for the Q-Anon and the extreme elements of the Republican party … it makes it awful hard.”

QAnon is nothing. It barely exists and influences nothing.

Besides, Democrats don’t know the meaning of bipartisanship.

Without any evidence, he said Donald Trump was feeding partisanship. He wants civility as he calls Republicans extreme and insults the leader of the party.

Biden also lied and said that people – Republicans, of course — tried to prevent Americans from voting in 30 “cities”.  Cities?

Fallon thinks Biden, who is half-conscious and yells a lot, brought back class.

Biden is the king of inflation and it’s not going anywhere ars long as Biden and his policymakers are around.

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