Truckers Threaten to Boycott New York City Starting Monday


The Trucker’s boycott of New York City is trending on X. The Sentinel reported it here yesterday. Truckers might boycott New York City or the entire state beginning Monday.

From what Chicago Ray hears, Trump-supporting truckers, angry over the fraudulent civil fraud judgment, will stop entering the city. I have no idea if he’s accurate. We’ll see on Monday. In the clip, he says even MS-13 will be angry if they don’t get food delivered.

The motorcycle thieves in NYC who are stealing items from passersby are MS-13 and Venezuelan gangs. They steal phones and jewelry from people walking on the streets and hack the phones to drain the owners’ bank accounts.

Liberals are allegedly calling trucking company employers to get them fired if they refuse to deliver to New York.

We’ll see.

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