Trudeau Fascists Order Seizure of DONOR Accounts, Warn They’ll Kill Truckers’ Dogs


“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

~Benito Mussolini

Trudeau’s fascist government is joining with banks to seize the accounts of truckers, especially if they are pro-Trump, which could be as simple as supporting GiveSendGo. They warned that their children would be put into foster care and they will seize their trucks in an asset forfeiture as well as take their driver’s licenses. Truckers also face arrest. Additionally, they have been warned that they will euthanize (kill) their dogs.

On top of that, the Trudeau fascists, with the help of the sketchy finance minister, are threatening to seize the accounts of DONORS.


At least one donor lost her government job by donating $100. Others are reportedly being fired and vilified. The state media is bragging about using hacked data to harm their own fellow Canadian citizens.

It’s gone beyond truckers to anyone who donated or helped them in any way. It’s not only bank accounts, it’s any account to include financial entities like credit unions, co-ops, loan companies, trusts, cryptocurrency platforms, credit cards.

The fascists are defining designated persons as anyone who directly or indirectly helped truckers. They are ordering the entities to cancel these people.

This is the very definition of fascism.


The CBC reports, “Using powers granted under the Emergencies Act, the federal government has directed banks and other financial institutions to stop doing business with people associated with the anti-vaccine mandate convoy occupying the nation’s capital.”

The government’s new directive, called the “emergency economic measures order,” goes beyond asking banks to simply stop transferring funds to protest organizers. The government wants banks to stop doing business with some people altogether.

The order says that banks and other financial entities (like credit unions, co-ops, loan companies, trusts and cryptocurrency platforms) must stop “providing any financial or related services” to people associated with the protests — a move that will result in frozen accounts, stranded money and cancelled credit cards.

The government is also ordering insurance companies to suspend policies on vehicles that are part of an unlawful “public assembly.”

These financial institutions can’t handle cash, issue a loan, extend a mortgage or more generally facilitate “any transaction” of a “designated person” while the Emergencies Act is in place.

The regulations define a “designated person” who can be cut off from financial services as someone who is “directly or indirectly” participating in a “public assembly that may reasonably be expected to lead to a breach of the peace,” or a person engaging in “serious interference with trade” or “critical infrastructure.” [emphasis mine]

Banks also are required to “disclose without delay” the “existence of property in their possession or control” or “any information about a transaction or proposed transaction” related to a “designated person” to both the RCMP and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

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1 year ago

This punk, Trudeau, needs to be taken down….HARD! This is a punk getting high on his power. What happened to the rest of the politicians? The remaining pols should be thrown out at the soonest election that can be forced on these low- life scum!

1 year ago

the biggest problem will be taking riggs and cancelling license’s there is a shortage of truck drivers in the hundreds of thousands and taking away riggs and license’s will cause the same effect on Canada as if the truckers were still blocking the roads.

1 year ago

This is about MURDER, since you are too DENSE to see past your “Fraternity paddle”. People like you are how these evil SCUM got as far as they did, by Mis-Identifying reality, and thinking that all remains the same. Trudeau has committed CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – for which he must be EXECUTED DEAD. What? Do you think he is going to play your weak little Nicey Nice game with you? You think he and his masters that installed him will not stop until YOUR CHILDREN are lying DEAD?! Wake the helll up! This is to the DEATH!

1 year ago

The Maxine Waters of Canada is feeling a little Karma. I guess we can say the Truckers are instituting some change, at least at the City Council. Go suck an egg, Maxine Deans.

1 year ago

Maybe the “Honorable Members of Parliament” should setup a video screen and listen to Viva’s interview with the main organizer, the man named in the Superior Court decision, who states his goal and purpose. He emphatically says his intention is not to remove Trudeau, because That is what elections are for.