True socialism will work this time said the wolf


Wherever socialism or communism takes hold, starvation, disease, murder, and despotism follow. There is no freedom — ever — in any form of socialism. It has been tried in Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, China, and all that came out of it is misery, enslavement to government, and corruption. Once entrenched, one never really gets rid of it.

The people always rebel, usually to be violently shut down.

Socialists/communists will tell you real socialism [real communism] has never been tried.

The “real socialism” that these people reference is idealized. On paper, socialism works great, but so do a lot of theories.

The inescapable truth is that socialism [communism] has been tried and it doesn’t work. Capitalist countries are the wealthiest in the world. They have provided the most wealth for the greatest number of people in history. At the same time, socialist countries are struggling to make toilet paper a common household item and to buy beer. One is clearly better than the other and yet the fraudulent idolization of socialism and communism continues.

It’s time to embrace reality and end all consideration of socialism. It doesn’t work. It never has. It never will, and you’re wasting everybody’s time.

Rob Schmitt discussed it last night on Newsmax:

People seem surprised that Biden has gone whole-hog for socialism [while claiming he isn’t]. They shouldn’t be. He put it in writing just before the election when 81 million people apparently fell all over themselves to get their ballot to dropboxes.

Laura Ingraham’s monologue also addressed it last night:

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2 years ago

Its never worked, anywhere, anytime. This time, if it takes over the world, will be no different. Ask the folks who risk life and limb to come to the US in makeshift boats from Cuba. They are the experts who know firsthand what it really is all about. The enrichment of the few over the oppressed masses.
Cuba, Venezuela, etc. are just examples of what happens when the commies take over. Just a few of the instances where the commies have taken over and destroyed whole nations killing folks to do so.
Study history while you can to see the truth of what communism and socialism truly is all about.
Just sayin’.

2 years ago

Socialism and Communism by design can’t work. They both ignore the human factor.

Billy Pilgrim
Billy Pilgrim
2 years ago

The repurposped mittens czar! He is the one that we have been waiting for to build Wakanda?
I’ll let loose some flatulence that I have been waiting for in his direction.
Get on back to CCCP Red Rat Bernie.
Bolshevik utopia means hell on earth for the rest of us so take your commie crack pipe visions and stick em where the sun never goes.