1619 author praised Cuba, compared the US unfavorably


During a 2019 interview unearthed by The National Pulse, Nikole Hannah-Jones said, “If you want to see the most equal multi-racial democracy… — it’s not a democracy — the most equal multi-racial country in our hemisphere, it would be Cuba.”

According to Jones, who wrote the falsified US history, 1619 Project, Cuba’s communist revolution brought about “the end of codified racism.”

She credits socialism, which enslaves Cubans, with the elimination of oppression and racism.

The National Pulse also resurrected her 2008 article in The Oregonian. In that article, she disputes the official narrative that “Cuba is poor. Cuba is communist. Cuba violates human rights and represses dissent.”

“Education is the cornerstone of the revolution,” she wrote. She praised the communist country’s education and health care systems, saying the latter, in particular, is a “world model.”

“Black Cubans especially are wary of outsiders wishing to overthrow the Castro regime. They admit the revolution has been imperfect, but it also led to the end of codified racism and brought universal education and access to jobs to black Cubans,” she argued. “Without the revolution, they wonder, where would they be?”

As Cubans march in protest over oppression, many or most of whom are dark-skinned, we have people like Jones. She rewrote US history, pretending the nation was built on slavery in 1619. It’s not true but the teacher’s unions are mandating it be taught in all public schools.

Rob Schmitt discussed communism and Cuba last night:



  1. Be like all edumacated, like enlightened and stuff like, like know what I’m sayin?
    Cuba be like utopian and that is why comrades are risking life and limb on boats to get there.
    The pre-1956 cars are very sporty if you can find spare parts but Zils and Trabants are not in demand.
    Forward to Wakanda! Yes we can, si se puede!

  2. IF this snake faced dimwitted bacteria strain thinks so highly of the Cuban gubmint system.,why the hell doesn’t she live there???? Along with al the rest of the cards thinking exactly like her. I’d gladly run the boat to take her and those that equally hate this country there and drop them off. – 20 miles offshore.

  3. Its a short plane ride, and you can go from stadium to village and have a captive audience in your utopia. Madam, you are one of the most ignorant scholars, I have ever laughed at.

  4. Obviously Nikole Hannah-Jones has never been to Cuba. I have. Nikole Hannah-Jones is a full of shit moron! Why do we listen to these College Indoctrinated morons who obvious don’t know a damn thing about the subjects they profess to be experts on. Just because Academicians study things in their echo chambers it doesn’t mean they have a clue about the real world. In the last decade or so the Millennials have found out just how much they were lied to in College. Most I know are pissed!

  5. Each time I see any of these nutjobs from the left, they seem to be missing their clown noses. Especially this Hannah-Jones character. Then she opens her spout and the crap just rolls out.
    I was in GITMO while I was in the Navy back in the 60s, and the folks who crossed the fenceline for work were not a happy bunch with the Castro brothers and the revolution. They had it better than most, but still oppressed by the commie “liberators”. Free speech does not exist in Cuba, along with the other freedoms the left is trying squelch in this nation.
    Without affirmative action where would she be? Just askin’.

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