Trump Accountability Project, an anti-American tool for reporters


Yesterday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent a threatening tweet against half the country. She tweeted, “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee a decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.”

What does that mean exactly? Lists, camps, what? I guess we’ll find out. We know what Glaad dot org has in mind.


They have formed The Trump Accountability Project to keep track of anyone who dares veer away from their dictates by using the Democrat media to pursue them.

The website proclaims: The Trump Accountability Project (TAP) is a resource for journalists, editors, and other newsmakers reporting on the Trump administration, which catalogues the anti-LGBTQ statements and actions of President Donald Trump and those in his circle.

The list profiles of people and groups who have fallen into disfavor, with Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Bill Barr, Lindsey Graham, Joni Ernst, on the top of the list.

Complaints against people listed range from disagreeing with LGBT bathroom mandates to denying LGBTQ asylum claims to the removal of an LGBTQ office. It doesn’t matter if you did anything they object to.  Holding a viewpoint, they disagree with is enough to merit listing.

You cannot disagree with the thought police of GLAAD

Democrats and their media have made them very powerful.

The list includes:

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Lindsey Graham, Joni Ernst, Alexander Acosta, Joe Arpaio, Steve Bannon, William Barr, Marsha Blackburn, Ken Blackwell, Pam Bondi, David Bossie, Terry Branstad, Andrew Bremberg, Jim Bridenstine, Scott Brown, Sam Brownback, Ben Carson, Elaine Chao, Chris Christie, Pat Cipollone, David Clarke, Sam Clovis, Dan Coats, Kellyanne Conway, Bob Corker, Monica Crowley, Robert Destro, Betsy DeVos, Jenna Ellis, Mark Esper, Mary Fallin, Jerry Falwell Jr., Carly Fiorina, Michael Flynn, Scott Garrett, Shannon Lee Goessling, John Gore, Neil Gorsuch, Mark Green, Nikki Haley, Thomas Hardiman, Robert Jeffress, John F. Kelly, Ken Klukowski, Kris Kobach, Bethany Kozma, Kerri Kupec, Cynthia Lummis, Paul Mango, Tom Marino, James Mattis, Pat McCrory, Kayleigh McEnany, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Mark Meadows, Steve Mnuchin, Johnnie Moore, Mick Mulvaney, Karen Pence, Sonny Perdue, Rick Perry, Mike Pompeo, Tom Price, Reince Priebus, Scott Pruitt, William Pryor, Andrew Puzder, John Ratcliffe, Wilbur Ross, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Eugene Scalia, Dan Scavino, Tim Scott, Jay Sekulow, Jeff Sessions, Roger Severino, David Shulkin, Sean Spicer, Diane Sykes, Katy Talento, Ginni Thomas, Rex Tillerson, Allen West, Matt Whitaker, Heather Wilson, Charmaine Yoest, Ryan Zinke, TAP Moment: Evangelical Leadership Dinner, TAP Timeline: DOJ’s war on LGBTQ

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