Trump campaign suspended from Twitter over NY Post Hunter story


The official Twitter account for the Trump campaign was locked as of Thursday morning, according to communications director Tim Murtaugh.

The Twitter account is suspended.

It follows efforts by platforms and all media except Fox News to limit the circulation of a New York Post article with claims about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter buying favors.

Murtaugh tweeted from his personal account a screenshot of the campaign’s account status, showing a notice from Twitter saying it had been locked.

The campaign account’s tweet had contained “clips of Joe Biden lying,” Murtaugh said. The media claims it is without evidence. However, the emails indicate otherwise, and there is so much detail, photos, emails, texts, documents, it’s hard to believe it’s not legitimate.

The Twitter post reads:

“Twitter has locked out @TeamTrump for posting video of clips of Joe Biden lying about never speaking to Hunter about foreign business deals. Includes snips of @nypost exposing the lies,” Murtaugh said in his tweet.

“Biden doesn’t dispute the authenticity of the docs. STILL protecting Biden from bad story.”

Murtaugh’s tweet also included a screenshot of the @TeamTrump account, which said it had been locked for “violating our rules against posting private information.”

In other words, because it came from Hunter’s laptop, it’s private information. However, Trump’s tax returns were treated completely differently. They couldn’t spread enough misinformation.

The account has more than 2 million followers and shared numerous clips of President Donald Trump’s reaction to the New York Post article published on Wednesday.


The latest NY Post article on Thursday has Hunter laptop emails indicating that Hunter had some very lucrative deals going with a Chinese energy company. However, he has no background whatsoever in the energy field. He had deals for mega millions with corrupt officials tied to the Chinese military and intelligence.

The Twitterati Left praise the move to silence the Post and anyone who shares the information. Once in power, the Left has every intention of taking away free speech rights. It will affect every American, including the Left, and the Left will rue the day they lauded the loss of the First Amendment.

Twitter won’t allow anyone to tweet the latest NY Post article with lots of proof — it’s seemingly not fake:

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