US funds: Pouring Acid Into Monkeys’ Brains & Then Terrorizing Them


So, basically, NIAID, under Fauci‘s direction, was doing cruel animal experiments overseas, that our regulatory agencies won’t allow in this country.

Sound’s kind of like the gain of function research funded by Fauci in China because

it is not allowed in this country.

~ Dr. Robert W. Malone


The animal experiments are horrendous but don’t forget to read to the end about the unborn baby experiments the US conducts.

As we reported, Dr. Anthony Fauci funded experiments with puppies, and other animals including pigs, rabbits, and monkeys. We funded some via Dr. Fauci that were conducted in Tunisia that were the most alarming.

“Our investigators show that Fauci’s NIH division shipped part of a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia to drug beagles and lock their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sandflies so that the insects could eat them alive,” White Coat Waste told Changing America. “They also locked beagles alone in cages in the desert overnight for nine consecutive nights to use them as bait to attract infectious sand flies.”

The barking annoys the scientists so they remove their vocal cords.


div class=”code-block code-block-8″>Candace Owens tweeted, “Reading through Fauci’s experiments and the one I find most alarming is the use of an acid to destroy a region of monkeys’ brains to magnify terror. They then simulated images of spiders and tormented them with fear. Human DNA is 97% identical to apes. Why fund that research?”

Where has the politicized PETA been? Hiding is the answer. They finally spoke out yesterday, calling for Fauci to be replaced.


Ms. Owens added, “And then watching the media attempt to convince the masses that that same man loves them and wants to force something in your arm to “protect” you…Glad Dr. Mengele never had me fooled. –#Fauci and Bill Gates reek of pure evil. Trust your gut, not the media.


There are tens of millions to over 100 million animals experimented on each year and most of them are paid for with taxpayer money. This is over the course of decades.

The White Coat Waste Project, a non-profit that advocates against federal animal testing, says that more than 1,100 dogs are experimented on in federal labs annually.

The experiments have a 90% failure rate.

Approximately 30 percent of promising medications have failed in human clinical trials because they are found to be toxic despite promising preclinical studies in animal models. About 60 percent of candidate drugs fail due to lack of efficacy.

~ Dr. Anthony Fauci

“Mongrel dogs” were subjected to induced heart attacks, scanned by MRI, then killed and dissected.

Pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and monkeys were subjected to agonizing pain without anesthesia. These included infecting pigs with a virus that causes “acute respiratory stress, hemorrhagic manifestations, paralysis” and other symptoms; injecting rabbits with bacteria that create severe skin infections and ear lesions and usually death within twelve hours; infecting guinea pigs with a virus that causes “multi-organ failure” and death, as well as “hind limb paralysis or prolapsed rectum”; and infecting monkeys with Ebola and tuberculosis, the latter of which produces symptoms including “rapid breathing, weight loss,” and “inability to drink.”

Dr. Fauci has been doing this for 40 years.


Americans should consider his Mengele-style experiments on aborted babies.

One study involved implanting aborted babies’ scalps onto mice at the University of Pittsburgh, according to a scathing new report.

The founder of the Center of Medical Progress, David Daleiden, told Townhall that Dr. Fauci gave $61 million to the University of Pittsburgh in 2019 for scientific research.

Some of that money funded experiments that involved aborted baby body parts and attached them to mice and rats.

Then there is Dr. Mengele’s FDA conducting humanized mice experiments with human fetal heads. Are these aborted babies alive? How else does this work?

Judicial Watch announced that it received 198 pages of records and communications from the FDA involving “humanized mice” research with human fetal heads, organs, and tissue, including communications and contracts with human fetal tissue providers.

The records obtained show the FDA between 2012 and 2018 entered into 8 contracts worth $96,370 with Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) to acquire “fresh and never frozen” tissue from 1st and 2nd-trimester aborted fetuses for use in creating “humanized mice” for ongoing research.


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