Trump sues NY Times & Mary Trump over illegally-obtained tax documents


Former President Donald Trump filed a $100 million lawsuit against The New York Times and his niece Mary Trump on Tuesday. In the lawsuit, he alleges his confidential tax documents were improperly shared.

Mary Trump who is a regular on Twitter, CNN, and other fake news shows continually rips into her Uncle Donald with lies. She has never even met him.

The lawsuit was filed in the New York Supreme Court.


It claims that New York Times reporters Susanne Craig, David Barstow, and Russell Buettner pressured Mary Trump to share the former president’s tax documents for an article they were working on in 2018, the Associated Press reported.

“The brazenness of the defendants’ actions cannot be understated,” the lawsuit said. “A group of journalists with The New York Times, in the middle of an extensive crusade to obtain Donald J. Trump’s confidential tax records, relentlessly sought out his niece, Mary L. Trump, and convinced her to smuggle the records out of her attorney’s office and turn them over to The Times.”

The lawsuit states that the reporters knew what they did was illegal – they used burner phones to communicate with Mary Trump.

Also stated is the obvious fact that Mary Trump was driven by “a personal vendetta.”

The records showed he received $413 million gift as a child and claimed he used “dubious tax schemes” to increase his wealth. By “dubious,” they mean there was nothing illegal and these were legitimate tax write-offs.


The October 2018 story was followed up by several other stories in the following weeks on the former president’s tax records.

The Times claims the public’s right to know. Of course, the way the stories were written was totally biased.

“I think he is a fucking loser, and he is going to throw anything against the wall he can,” said not-so-charming leftist Mary Trump. “It’s desperation. The walls are closing in and he is throwing anything against the wall that will stick. As is always the case … he’ll try and change the subject.” It was appropriately read off by fake news reporter Brian Williams.

The Twitter rats are thrilled that she was so vulgar.

The fraud and bizarre E. Jean Carroll weighed in:

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