Trump’s golf swing is great and he might go after Mitch


Rob Schmitt reported about his weekend following Donald Trump and Chris Ruddy around on the golf course. He couldn’t say enough positive things about Donals Trump’s golf swing, especially at age 75. Then Schmitt noted that Trump is “upset” with Mitch and might go after him.

We don’t know how good an idea it is given the fact that we must win back the Senate and the House. However, Mitch is actively promoting candidates Donald Trump has plans to primary with his chosen candidates.

Schmitt said on Newsmax, “He talks just like a regular guy. Loves to tell dirty jokes and cuss and do all the things guys do. He’s warm and personable, very engaging. Not a politician, that’s his best quality. And he says he’s going after Mitch McConnell. And anybody who supports him, he’s thinking about not supporting them!”

Trump told Bill O’Reilly that he wants to run for president again and has no intention of leaving the political arena.

Mitch was brutal over the 1-6 riot and claimed DJT incited it while touting the Dem line that it was an insurrection.


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