Tucker burns Dr. Fauci politely as GOP & Dems respond to his testimony


Anthony Fauci, MD, revealed Tuesday morning that a return to school in the fall without a cure or vaccine “would be a bit of a bridge too far,” during a Senate Committee hearing. So far, there is no cure or vaccine for any coronavirus and it may never happen.

As usual, Fauci backtracked. He later ‘clarified‘ at Tuesday’s hearing that he wasn’t advocating for schools to be closed in the fall, only saying that an easily available treatment or a vaccine would not be available by then.

The left is tearing apart Dr. Rand Paul today since he told Dr. Fauci he is “not the end-all,” and he alone can’t be the decision-maker. Dr. Paul also explained that the number of child deaths from coronavirus is statistically near zero.

The three deaths in New York of children from a Kawasaki-style illness may or may not be related to coronavirus. It doesn’t matter to the left. The left believes it’s sufficient to keep children out of school for a year.

Paul is getting ripped for that from the left. They claim he wants to kill children.

Not opening schools would throw a lot of Americans out of the work sector because they would have to stay home to care for their kids as their kids learn nothing much. Many in the generation of children won’t be educated.

Tucker took Dr. Fauci to the woodshed on his comments about keeping kids out of school for a year and keeping whole states closed in a one size fits all.

Tucker wants to know how he knows this and do we have any reason to think he’s right. He then listed the reasons to re-open. Dr. Fauci wants complete immunity for children it seems, as Tucker pointed out. The left isn’t following science. There is no science behind Dr. Fauci’s forecasts — none.

The Fox commentator noted that he has never been elected to a thing and he’s the most powerful man in the world now.

He scorched Fauci who needs to go away.



CNN published quotes from Republicans on whether we should follow Dr. Fauci’s advice or President Trump’s to “liberate.” We believe they should be screaming about opening up, but they’re not.

Here are their responses:

“I think he may not realize that in advocating for extreme closure of things, the punishment that’s happening to our country, and we really need to get opening back up,” Paul told CNN. He is the minority voice on this issue.

Senator Rand Paul also said that Fauci is just “one voice” and that his comments should not be given a “disproportionate” amount of attention, also criticizing Fauci’s suggestion that schools wouldn’t be safe in the fall because of a lack of treatments or vaccines since kids seem less at risk than others.

“I think it’s important that we get our schools back open,” Paul said. “His voice is one voice.”

“Surely the testimony is more nuanced than the President’s statements,” said Sen. Bill Cassidy, a member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. Cassidy added the decision to reopen needs to be “data-driven.”

Asked about Trump’s calls to “liberate” states, Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, another member of the committee, said: “I think we need to follow the experts here.”

[Can we hear from the economic experts too?]

“I think they both have a good point,” said Texas Sen. John Cornyn, a member of the Senate GOP leadership team.

When asked if he’s encouraging his state not to listen to Trump’s messaging on liberating states, GOP Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado — who is up for reelection in the fall — said: “We have to listen to our health experts. That’s what we’re doing.”

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst, who also faces a potentially tough race in Iowa, said of Trump: “I hope he’s deferring to the governors.”

She continued, “I can’t debate that: I think the President is anxious to get the economy up and rolling.”

[He’s done nothing but defer to the governors.]

“I don’t know what the motivation is,” Cornyn said when asked if he agrees with Trump that Democrats are seeking to keep their states closed to bolster their chances in November. “I think some people are just scared because there’s been so much uncertainty and misinformation.”

Senate Majority Whip John Thune noted that the President has backed the guidelines outlining how states should reopen, but added: “The rhetoric obviously needs to follow from that.”

“You know when he gets up everyday and gets in front of the (press) he gets asked questions and responds to them sometimes in ways that I don’t think many of his advisers expect,” Thune said. “I think it would be good for him, for all of us, to listen to the health professionals and make sure the way we’re talking about these issues is consistent with the way they’ve outlined.”

[Since when hasn’t the President followed the advice of the so-called experts who have been wrong more than they’ve been right? He’s done nothing but follow their lousy data from the IMF and IHME.]

Asked if the US has prevailed on testing for Covid-19, as Trump said Monday, Thune said: “We got a long ways to go on testing.”

[Does he want to test and track all the people too?]

Asked Tuesday whether the country should listen to Trump’s message or Fauci’s, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested both are right.

“I think we can do both,” McConnell said. “I think we need to move toward beginning to reopen the economy, consistent with the recommendations of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and of course, the advice we’ve been given is from the healthcare professionals…I think we can do both. Dr. Fauci has indicated, we can do both.”

Here’s your unbiased media:

CNBC reporter —

Vox commie —

NYT, WSJ writer —

The worst reporter in the world —

There are slews of articles out today elevating Dr. Fauci and trashing Republicans. One doesn’t have to look far to find them.

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