Tucker Carlson Speaks Out About Trump’s Sweden Remark, No-Go Zones


During Donald Trump’s Saturday night rally, he addressed what happened in Sweden the night before. Instead of asking the President what he meant which is what they would have done with Obama, they maligned him and continue to malign him Monday. Tucker Carlson addressed it on Fox & Friends Monday morning.

He took exception to Trump not being more precise in his language, but said the media is dancing around the real story. The mass migration into these European countries isn’t working. Everyone worries about the rise of European nationalism again but their actions are causing it. He also mentioned the no-go zones.

Two years ago, in January 2015, Fox openly discussed the no-go zones to criticism from everyone. European leaders roundly condemned anyone saying there were no-go zones. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, a communist, launched a lawsuit against Fox News though that never went anywhere — it was a frivolous suit.

Fox News apologized to the Mayor.

The news media roundly mocked Fox News.

Nolan Peterson, an investigative reporter, who reported mostly on the Ukraine, talked about the no-go zones. I communicated with him personally after he was butchered in the media for spreading an allegedly false story about no-go zones. Mr. Peterson told me there are indeed no-go zones and they are trying to ruin his reputation for telling the truth.

If you’ve been to some of these countries severely affected by the mass migration, you know that there are no-go zones.

Steve Emerson of The Investigative Project had to apologize and was banned from Fox. He was in trouble for mentioning no-go zones, saying “it’s too late for Europe” and he thinks they have reached “critical mass”. He didn’t think they could recover because they refuse to take their land back and they have no-go zones that follow Sharia and where police don’t go.

Fox apologized for Steve Emerson also. Turns out he was right.

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