Fox News Apologizes for Steve Emerson and His No-Go Zone Error


Fox News

For the last week, Fox News has been pilloried over their reporting of no-go zones. Particularly upset were the people of Birmingham who were inadvertently misportrayed.

There is still the question of whether this reaches the level of MSNBC cutting off audio to make George Zimmerman, perpetrator in the Trayvon Martin murder case, look like a bigot, or CNN releasing blurred photos to make Zimmerman look uninjured, all aimed at convicting him without a trial.

Fox didn’t spend 24/7 for a month looking for MH370 nor did they ask psychics where it was or suggest space aliens were involved as CNN did.

Everyone makes mistakes but left-wing media immediately accused Fox of lying and hate mongering. These are the same people who are unconcerned when conservatives are mis-portrayed as terrorists.

Fox wasn’t lying or hate mongering. They made a mistake.

The Fox News error involved Steve Emerson of The Investigative Project on Terrorism who was a guest on Jeanine Pirro’s show last Saturday. He mistakenly said Birmingham England was a British no-go zone and was 100% Muslim.

Birmingham is only 22% Muslim and it’s a thriving, bustling city, not a no-go zone.

However, Birmingham has had their share of problems recently, most notably Operation Trojan Horse.

Operation Trojan Horse involves twenty-five Birmingham schools that are being investigated for an alleged Islamic extremist takeover.

The Emerson affair set off a firestorm with the liberals in the UK. David Cameron called Emerson “a complete idiot”.

Journalist Nolan Peterson, who also appeared on Fox and was mentioned on The Sentinel, said there are 750 no-go zones in France.

In actuality, there are 750 areas designated as “sensitive” areas by the French government but authorities do go into the areas and they are areas slated for economic renewal.

What’s the difference if it’s a zone that police won’t go or tourists can’t go? Not much!

Another “error” centered around a weak poll used on the same issue.

France is not without its problems.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe. The demographic trends are ominous: Given current birthrates, France could be a majority Muslim country in 25 years, and that is if immigration were to stop tomorrow.

The entire country could end up being a no-go zone.

The term no-go zone needs to be defined if it’s used. It is inaccurate to say they are sealed off Sharia cities but they are areas one might best stay away from them after dark.

Peterson, for his part, said that even as an ex-military, he was uncomfortable in these areas.

We’ve all seen photos of the burning, looting, and riots in France, Germany, Britain and elsewhere throughout the EU by Muslims and others. Europeans paint a rosy picture or blame it on poverty. Mr. Obama referred to the problems in Europe in his speech two days ago when he said the Europeans have a worse problem with extremism than we do. He said they aren’t assimilating their Muslims as we are because they don’t give them jobs and opportunities.

It’s not just jobs – it’s the radical view of Islam that’s part of the problem. Liberals will not admit to that.

There are tens of thousands marching regularly in Germany over the radical Muslim problem. The German government said the groups are comprised of ordinary Germans and NAZIs.

Steve Emerson posted a letter of apology on his website for his mistake.

The Fox apology:

Fox apologized on three other Fox shows Saturday.

Earlier on Saturday, on the morning show “Fox & Friends,” co-host Anna Kooiman referred to the previous week’s program, when “we showed a map of neighborhoods in France labeled as no-go zones.”

“Some of the neighborhoods were highlighted incorrectly,” she said. “We apologize for the error.”

On another show, Fox apologized for posting a seemingly inaccurate poll on the same issue.

At 7pm, Julie Banderas said there are no no-go zones and they apologize for their mistake. She offered a blanket apology to England and France.

Judge Jeanine’s apology came at 9pm EST.

That is not exactly true either. The fault lies more in how it is defined.There are high crime, gang-ridden areas in Europe – not cities – like we have in the U.S. that are mostly Muslim where an extreme and distorted view of Islam and Sharia guides much of the activity of the youth. It’s not a place people should go into.

The Europeans for their part said they don’t have any areas where one cannot go and no-go zones don’t exist. Perhaps it’s ill-defined but they do have problems they’re not ready to admit to.

And then there’s this:

Edited three times after publication.

The apologies offered by Fox went on all day Saturday and this article now reflects that.

The errors made by Fox are being made into a far bigger deal than they are by a left-wing press and a Europe that is offended but also fails to acknowledge their problems for what they are – Islam-driven not poverty-driven.

There must be a lot of pressure on Fox and one has to wonder if we will see honest reporting on this issue anywhere if Fox is effectively silenced because they’ve made some mistakes.

I just hope they stop apologizing.