Tucker scorches “coward” Senator Duckworth again


Tucker Carlson scorched Senator Duckworth on his show again last night for not coming on to defend her clearly anti-American position on historic figures. This followed a monologue that called her out for labeling George Washington and Abraham Lincoln “dead traitors” in an appearance on CNN.

Two nights ago on his show, Tucker Carlson said Senator Tammy Duckworth is not untouchable, despite her service. He told his audience that “Most people just ignore her. But when Duckworth does speak in public, you’re reminded what a deeply silly and unimpressive person she is…These people actually hate America.”

Duckworth wants a national discussion about taking down ‘dead traitor’ George Washington’s statue and other statues of American heroes. Tucker called that comment out for what it is — a demand to take them down.

She is a leading candidate for the spot on Joe Biden’s ticket. Duckworth is auditioning to be his running mate.

The left believes that because she lost her legs in Iraq, she can’t be unpatriotic or criticized. Her tragic loss does not make her immune to criticism, sorry. She’s not god and calling her unpatriotic when she shows how much she hates America is not heresy.

Duckworth responded by referencing her lost legs as proof she loves America, even while she failed to deny she called George Washington a “dead traitor.”


If she didn’t like the first monologue, she’ll hate last night’s.

Tucker invited Tammy Duckworth on to his show last night but she wouldn’t come on until he apologized in full for everything he said. Tucker didn’t agree to take back his comments and called her a coward for not defending her position.

He also called her a fraud for refusing to help veterans who were mistreated by the VA after they pleaded with her to help them. “Tammy Duckworth is a callous hack who ignored the suffering of actual veterans when it actually mattered,” he said.


Tucker was ripped by the media this morning for daring to criticize her, even as she calls President Trump a “coward” and acts as if the Russian bounty story is proven true.

Twitter is trending with a campaign to fire Tucker today under the hashtag, #SheHasMoreBallsThanYou. There are separate calls to boycott him to get him off the air.

We await Duckworth’s response.

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