Twitter Stock Goes Up 23% After Elon Musk Buys a Large Stake


Elon Musk has become one of the largest shareholders in social media giant Twitter after a filing with the Security and Exchange Commission showed he holds 9.2 percent of a stake in the company. We don’t know what he will do with the shares. The buy could be tied to his expressed interest in starting his own platform. Perhaps he will used his shares to change Twitter rules.

We think he should get the CEO fired for starters.

Musk was talking about starting a platform, one that supports free speech. Rumor also had it that he might buy up Twitter stock.

He didn’t like CEO Parag Agrawal’s views on free speech. Parag claims that Twitter is not obligated by American free speech laws.

The filing on Monday from the CEO was signed by Musk, dated Monday, April 4. Musk has not made a statement about the stake he holds in the company, according to the Financial Times.


Twitter stock rose 23 percent in reaction to the news [By closing, it was up 29%]. The filing, according to Reuters, “showed that Musk owns 73.5 million Twitter shares, valuing his passive stake in the company at up to $2.9 billion based on the stock’s Friday close. The shares are held by the Elon Musk Revocable Trust, of which he is the sole trustee.”

Will Musk become a more active stockholder? We think so.

Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, realized he did some damage and might be working with Musk.

@Jack said he’s working on correcting the damage he has done to the Internet, but we don’t trust him. He’s a WEF, Great Reset, supporter. It would be better if Musk bought more stock.

Companies that will have smaller but significant shares: Morgan Stanley – 9.2 percent, Vanguard Group – 8.8 percent, WEF BlackRock Inc. – 6.5 percent holding, State Street Corp – 4.4 percent of the tech giant, and Lone Pine Capitol – 2.7 percent. They’re all way too powerful and they shouldn’t be controlling the public square, Post Millennial reports.

They’re all WEF involved creeps.

Watch this video by Armstrong Economics on this link.


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Faculty Lounge Food Fight
Faculty Lounge Food Fight
1 year ago

Employees and contractors of the Twit hiveborg are upset that a “transphobe” is now the largest shareholder. (H/t-RZP)
The fortified democracy move to install the Brandon puppet won’t be happening again with redistricting and other moves.

Historic Meanness Czar
Historic Meanness Czar
1 year ago

Elon=globalist puppet deceiver.