Twitter Threatens to Sue Meta “Threads” Over Intellectual Property Theft


Twitter is planning to sue Zuckerberg’s new Twitter clone, Threads. They are hiring ex-Twitter employees who hold trade secrets. It’s an unofficious beginning for Threads.

Meta hired dozens of former Twitter employees who had work phones and documents from the company so that they could create a Twitter clone this past few months. They are stealing Twitter’s intellectual property.

This week Meta-owned Instagram launched Threads, a Twitter competitor. As a surprise to no one, Threads started censoring and putting warning labels on conservative users’ accounts.

They are still controlling information even though they’ve been exposed as censors. It’s been up for what? A day? And they’re censoring conservatives. Censorship is un-American and, as RFK Jr. says – “evil.”

Oh, and you know how Meta’s bragging about gaining 10 million followers in a day? Well, they are draining people from Instagram accounts. When I signed on, they offered to import all my friends from Instagram.

Meta’s just siphoning off from one app to another. Usage is the same for both. It’s a scam.

Anyway, he’ll eventually drop most conservatives. It’s only meant to be a safe space for Progressive snowflakes.

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