Twitter to Become “X,” an Everything App


Elon Musk sent a somewhat crytpic tweet saying the purchase of Twitter is to ignite X, the everything app. We have SpaceX, and now TwitterX?

“X” sounds like competition for “Meta,” only with free speech. Some reporters suggest he will make some trivial effort at free speech, and nothing will change. I don’t think so. The social media exchange portion might be minimized as the app branches out, but it won’t be the same. Hopefully, he doesn’t ruin it.

One Twitter user said, “What exactly does X do? Payments? Buying and selling? General economic infrastructure?”

Another user responded, “Watch the show “startup” on Netflix. It’s an all-in-one app that you do everything in. Think web search, chat, payment, social media…all in one app. The premise is you only have one app on your phone and don’t need anything else.

Would that ruin Twitter? It sounds like a Klaus Schwab app in its breadth. It could be very exciting. He seems to have come up with a grand plan to move it forward.

Trouble has already begun. Here is one ‘news’ reporter saying he won’t go on Twitter if Donald Trump’s allowed to tweet. Nathan is missing the whole point of free speech. Anyway, Trump already said he wouldn’t go back on Twitter.

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