Tyrannical Mayor de Blasio singles out Jews for arrests over COV


Commie Mayor Bill de Blasio, née Warren Wilhelm, is Jew hunting again. If the NYPD finds Jews gathering, they are either to give them a summons or arrest them at de Blasio’s orders. He has at other times singled out Christians and Jews since his word is the law as despot of New York City. Imagine if a Republican mayor did this.

To be fair, what drove this comment was a funeral for a very popular rabbi. A large number of Jews went to the funeral.

The Haredi rarely mingle with anyone outside their community so it’s hard to see how they’re a threat. Maybe they will develop herd immunity if it’s even true that they’re mingling.

In a week where we honor victims of the Holocaust, and fallen Israeli soldiers, this miscreant singles out the Jewish community. Leftists keep the hate alive. Worse yet, this is what he does as Jews are suffering from increased racist attacks in the city.

Yet, he is the person who failed to order supplies until a week into March and failed to help nursing homes transfer coronavirus patients to Javits or Comfort or even give them the PPEs they needed.

He travels about, was seen in Prospect Park this past weekend, even though he tells everyone else to shelter in place.

DeBlasio needs to stop rounding up Jews and taking strolls in the park and help people in nursing homes.

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