McCarthy “Destroys” Reporter Over Schiff & Swalwell on Intelligence


An arrogant reporter tried to get street creds sticking up for Adam Schiff and was pummeled by the more experienced Kevin McCarthy, who is now Speaker.  He shut her down as she tried to embarrass him and then blasted her with facts about Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell.

He explained the problem of Schiff’s lies on the Intelligence committee; then he went on to Swalwell, who slept with a Chinese spy. It’s a disgrace that Americans, regardless of party, have no problem with Schiff and Swalwell on an Intelligence committee.

The FBI had a problem with Swalwell on an Intelligence committee, given the mistress he chose.

This is a good start.

There is a lot of support for kicking these two off the Intelligence committee. It’s not retribution. It’s even more than precedent. These two should never be anywhere near a committee where America’s secrets are shared.

Glenn Greenwald, a liberal investigative reporter, agrees that even the Hunter laptop lie alone is enough.

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1 year ago

You shouldn’t have someone who can’t get a Security Clearance on any Congressional Committee of any kind. You don’t get a Security Clearance if you Lie and you don’t get a Security Clearance when you Sleep with Spies. This is not Rocket Science.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Good, he has to do that, to earn respect, keep promises, and answer to the conservatives who voted for him.

We need subpoenas and hearings, so far there are zero. Jordan is not issuing subpoenas, he is stalling by writing letters. Theatrics in front of a camera are insufficient. Each week 1% of this term goes by and so far 3% has passed.