UK Is Mobilizing and Escalating to Prepare for World War III – Mentions the WEF


The following video condenses some very critical speeches that include one that might be the match that lights the Third World War. The WEF is part of this. Read on.

General Sir Patrick Sanders

Look closely at what is happening in the UK – the talk and the commitments that are taking place. Consider what led up to other World Wars.

The UK is holding a land war conference in London. In the clip below, the narrator includes parts of the deeply concerning speech by UK’s Chief Defense General Sir Patrick Sanders. It appears that the UK is leading the way for other countries to follow.

The analyst notes that NATO is mobilizing and increasing the troop sizes in Europe from 40,000 to 300,000. They will be on high readiness to fight Russia if need be. There are already US 100,000 troops in Europe.

Sweden and Finland will join NATO, possibly within two weeks.


General Sir Patrick Sanders, Chief of the Staff British Army, gave a speech in London that might point to the match that will light the war. He began the speech by mentioning Operation Mobilize. Missiles, weapons, and training will be sent to Ukraine. They are mobilizing and escalating. He is very clear about that in his speech.

The General said they have the “willingness to shed blood” and that will help us prevail.


Tied into this is the blockade of Kaliningrad, Russia. The war could start there and include Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, according to this analyst. He sees it as Ground Zero.

Analyst McCoy-Ward might well be wrong about that.

On the good news front, Lithuania could lift its restrictions on goods passing by rail between mainland Russia and its western exclave of Kaliningrad as soon as early July, unnamed EU officials told Reuters on Wednesday.

The sources told the agency that it’s proving hard for the bloc to maintain its strict sanctions while also avoiding further escalation with Russia. As a result, EU officials are in talks about exempting Kaliningrad from the sanctions, potentially paving a way for a deal in the coming days.

According to the officials, Lithuania fears that if the blockade remains, Moscow could use force to create a land corridor through its territory connecting the exclave with the rest of Russia.


Neil McCoy-Ward said the General included the WEF-Klaus Schwab’s 4th Industrial Revolution in his speech. Why? Keep in mind that the 4th Industrial Revolution aims to replace the “natural” with computerized, robotized people – super humans.

The General said they plan to spend 40 billion pounds on the war footing. But at the same time, they won’t spend a billion pounds on food, energy, pensions, and other necessities as inflation increases.


This mobilization begins now, the General makes clear. It is to get the army ready for war with Russia. He used aggressive, violent language in his speech. He says they will fight alongside NATO. That means all of the countries of NATO. NATO continually warns that Russia might trigger Article 5.

Most of these people don’t understand war and don’t care about people who die. They are just collateral damage.

China will become involved and the numbers of soldiers will far outweigh NATO.

Russia says they have a missile that can wipe out the British Isles in seconds.


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1 year ago

This article got it backwards. The gasoline in the room is a creep named Putin who openly brags about how he can nuke everybody and wants to be a resurrection of Peter the Grate. There’s no rationalizing that far enough to misallocate the blame no matter how far you attempt to stretch logic.

1 year ago

The white race is on a suicide mission.