Ukraine on Fire as Zelensky Marches to Crimea


Lt. Col. MacGregor discusses President Zelensky’s march to Crimea and the tragedy of a Ukraine on fire with host Gerald Celente. He gave his insights and knowledge of what is going on in Ukraine that you won’t hear anywhere else. They both paint a dark picture.

Host Gerald Celente believes the world war has begun, and the West is at war with Russia. It is as “clear as can be.” He added that if you give people facts they don’t like, the “fools” call you a “Putin puppet.”

About 70% of Ukraine’s power and water structure have been destroyed, Celente added.

MacGregor told Celente:

  • 650,000 Russian soldiers surround Ukraine, about 300,000 will go in, and when that happens, the place will collapse.
  • Ukrainian losses are frightful, and the conditions under which they have been fighting are incomprehensible.
  • Zelensky has thrown away human life in Ukraine on a scale that’s equivalent to what Stalin and Hitler lost in World War II. As long as Zelensky gets cash and weapons, he’ll likely continue.
  • At this point, Ukraine is the 51st state. We pay for everything. They have no money but ours.
  • Ukraine has lost about 157,000 dead. Hospitals are filled to the brim with terribly wounded soldiers. Some Ukrainian soldiers are dying from cold. Zelensky has given a Hitlerian order to hold the line.
Gerald Celente

Host Gerald Celente of Trends Journal mentioned comments from Business Insider, that should there be a nuclear strike, we should stay inside.

“A nuclear attack on US soil would most likely target one of six cities: New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Washington, DC.

“For everyday citizens, FEMA has some simple advice: Get inside, stay inside, and stay tuned.”

As the host says, is this advice for “simpletons?” We’d be “dust.”

MacGregor says the Russians don’t need to resort to nuclear war. They dominate the battlefield. He says the Russians will only use nuclear weapons if they are used on them. “They don’t need to. For instance, every day, Russians fire 60,000 artillery rounds…The Ukrainians can only fire 6,000 back at them…”

Zelensky won’t let them pull back and is leaving Ukrainian soldiers to die.

Celente referenced the Reuters article, “Putin ally warns NATO of nuclear war if Russia is defeated in Ukraine.” He explains how it is used for propaganda at 8:22. He believes the US and allies are promoting nuclear war, and we will become involved due to a false flag event or a nuclear exchange.

MacGregor reviewed the US history of declaring war over a non-existent attack in Gulf of Tonkin.

MacGregor is concerned that the US will declare war if Ukraine collapses, a war we can’t win. He explains why at 11:41. Our armed forces are “in terrible shape,” partly due to 20 years of “stupid wars and also based on a series of lies.”

“We’ve never had a strategy” other than “we’re going to punish the Russians.” The Russians gave us what we wanted – total war.

Celente called out, “clown boy Stoltenberg.” He discussed other “clown boys” “pumping up more war.”

The Colonel thinks they are nursing “delusions” and think they are “invincible.” He says Russia “exercised extraordinary restraint.” MacGregor doesn’t believe the US would exercise this level of restraint.

Unelected bureaucrats like Victoria Nuland are running the show, MacGregor says. No one consulted the American people. Biden is probably just reading whatever they give him.

The UK is ramping up war talk, and one article today talked about where to hide from a nuclear blast. They said to go to a corner of a room. Seriously!

“Americans don’t understand what’s at stake.” He talked about what to do to change it and  “what about our sovereignty? We’ve given it all up.”

What can we do?

MacGregor came up with some interesting ideas. On the other hand, Celente wants RFK Jr. to run as President and Andrew Napolitano as Vice President on a third-party ticket. He lost me at Napolitano. He thinks Napolitano would bring in the right.

MacGregor said it wouldn’t work. Americans have to go through this “crucible.” Unfortunately, they have to suffer. When we can’t pay for food and gasoline, then there will be an appetite for people to make “profound change.” And “we’re on that path.”

[Let’s hope the “profound change” isn’t communism or some other form of tyranny. They do have the money and power.]

MacGregor said nothing will happen “until it all implodes.”

Celente notes that JFK said he would not go to war, and then he was killed. That was followed by LBJ, who went to war. That was also the beginning of imported cheap labor. LBJ said if he can’t find enough people to vote democratic, he’ll import them. That’s always been a goal.

“We haven’t paid attention for a long time, and we’re about to reap the whirlwind,” MacGregor said.


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