UnAmerican ACLU to Stop Trump from Adding Citizenship Question


The ACLU, with Soviet roots, has done everything in its power to damage this country. They now admit they are Progressive activists. They do not want illegal aliens impeded in any way, and they want to be certain blue states get the seats in the House and the funding their numbers of illegal aliens give them.

Plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Department of Commerce over the 2020 census are asking a federal court to block the Trump administration from delaying the printing of census forms or changing them to include a citizenship question.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed the motion Friday with the state of New York and other groups seeking to block the citizenship question from being added.

New York is now run by communists and socialists. The attorney general Letitia James, who has vowed to get Trump by any means necessary, jumped right on this lawsuit.

The Supreme Court blocked the citizenship question last week, ruling the administration’s argument that the query is necessary to enforce the Voting Rights Act was unsatisfactory.

The citizenship question has been included off and on since 1820. There is a precedent for it.

Why is the Supreme Court interfering in an Executive agency simply adding a question that has been on the census?

Justice Department lawyers told a federal judge Friday that the Trump administration is reviewing “all available options” for adding the question.

“In addition to deceiving the judiciary and the public and putting the success of the 2020 Census in jeopardy, Defendants’ efforts to prolong uncertainty and drag out this matter are sowing confusion and exacerbating fear among immigrant communities, and directly injuring the Plaintiffs’ efforts to mobilize participation in the Census,” the ACLU wrote in its filing.

The ACLU wants open borders.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a leftist, secular-progressive organization with deep ties to communism. It was run for its first 30 years by an American named Roger Baldwin, who helped found it in 1920. Baldwin supported communism, but later denounced it in his book, A New Slavery, which condemned “the inhuman communist police state tyranny”.

It is now guided by a soft communism.

They, along with leftist judges, run the country as if the Progressive Democrats won the election.


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